Hobby Lobby Fires Employee For Divorcing Husband

Apr 07, 2014

HobbyLobbyStowOhioHobby Lobby fired an employee yesterday for divorcing her husband without company approval.

33-year old Jennifer Silverton of Scottsdale, Ariz., spent seven years as a cashier at the arts and crafts retail giant and was promoted to assistant manager just two weeks ago.

However, her employment was abruptly terminated for reasons of “moral laxity” after upper management learned she had divorced her husband two months ago after six years of marriage.

“My ex-husband Brad has a severe drinking problem,” she explained to the Scottsdale Times. “I tried very hard to make our marriage work, but towards the end he became increasingly violent. After my daughter was born,  I decided that I just couldn’t be in that kind of environment anymore.

“I never expected filing for divorce would affect my job. But here I am. Unemployed. They told me it was for religious reasons, whatever that means. I just hope I can find something soon. I’m already late on my rent this month.”

Hobby Lobby is no stranger to controversy regarding religion and its employment practices. The company has sued the Obama administration in federal court in order to avoid giving its female employees health insurance with contraceptive coverage, claiming doing so would violate the company's closely held Christian beliefs.

That case is currently before the Supreme Court and a decision in Hobby Lobby’s favor could give companies new power to exempt themselves from vast swaths of federal law.

“Our religious beliefs tell us that divorce is a sin,” says David Green, the CEO and founder of the company. “Consequently we cannot be in business with divorced individuals. We gave Ms. Silverton a choice. We told her she could stay with the company if she took her husband back.

“But unfortunately this fornicator refused to take the Christian path. Why should we be forced to employ some hussy who bounces around from one man to the next? Maybe if she had performed her wifely duties properly, her husband wouldn’t have needed to drink so much.

”Look, the Bible doesn’t even specifically mention contraception. But Luke 16:18 tells us that divorce is as bad as adultery, which is in the Ten Commandments. That’s why we had to let her go. We couldn't let her rotten moral core corrupt all the other employees.”

In a statement posted on its website, Hobby Lobby’s chief legal counsel said that it shouldn’t be forced to compromise its Christian principles by employing women like Silverton.

“We are aware that some in the legal community believe that it is illegal to fire someone because of their marital status. We maintain, however, that our actions are protected by the First Amendment’s protection of religious expression and will take our case all the way to the Supreme Court.”

Silverton says she hasn’t decided whether or not she will file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

  • Ron Babineau

    Ok Hobby Lobby, I was with you on the birth control thing with religious overtones, but this ? No way. You are WRONG ! This person should NOT have to live in jeopardy ( including a child) in order to keep her job ? In order to keep those who support your birth control issue, you need to FIX this ..

  • sweetreat

    Why would you support them against birth control? You cannot possibly understand the need to use them for other than BC. In the meantime they pay for penis pumps and blue pills which cost more and morally why should a man use those?
    They don’t have the right to force their faith ONTO anyone else. That is just wrong.

  • Thomas Favors

    I’ve heard they have also terminated the employment of staff members by accusing them of witch craft as well. They are still working with the courts to give them the right to execute witches in accordance with Exodus 22:18 KJV.

  • LissaKay

    Umm … you do realize …

    Oh nevermind. If you really want to think this site is serious, you just knock yourself right out.

  • LissaKay

    Yeah … not even a close parallel to the issue at stake with Hobby Lobby, and not very amusing, to say the least.

    But …. wouldn’t you know, The Daily Currant, LLC, as a corporation, can publish this nonsense because it has the right of free speech protected by the 1st Amendment, just like Hobby Lobby has the right of freedom of worship also protected by that very same 1st Amendment.

    Ooooh … the irony!

  • NanaZ

    Isn’t it ironic how religious and private organizations pick and choose bible verses they deem appropriate in God’s eyes or theirs. If this woman’s husband would have been living according to God’s laws with respect to alcoholism perhaps she would not had to have filed for a divorce. According to Titus 2:11-14 “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.”

    The bible also teaches us not to judge one another but we are to leave that to God!! Just saying…..

    Read more:

  • Vegana Piranha

    Ron Babineau- you support your EMPLOYER determining your family planning? I hope you understand the implications of that, and are not just blinded by your religion!

  • darf



    -from another planet…..

    you guys are so re tar ded

  • How exactly does a corporation worship?

  • LissaKay

    The same way it speaks.

  • Lala Loopsy

    Well I think they should not be able to have customers that are divorced or living in sin then.

  • Zedsdead


  • Guest

    Do you really think we are taking it seriously? Pay attention, we are clearly being sarcastic here.

  • Thomas Favors

    The concept of “I hired you I can fire you” is why we have unions and laws in place. That system is not a good one for anyone involved. The company could fire skilled workers, and doing so drops their stock market value, which affects share holders, who then sell their stock, which affects the company. It doesn’t make any sense to let companies make business decisions based on (faulty) religious beliefs held by individuals in the company.

  • Thomas Favors

    The problem is, when using the bible or other religious texts, is that people can interpret it to mean what they want, and often do, and neglect important passages only focusing on ones that agree with them, which they also often do. It is why we cannot rely on the bible for morality, because it means different things to different groups.

  • Thomas Favors

    It isn’t ironic at all. Hobby Lobby is using it’s freedom to oppress another person’s. The Daily Currant is not. And that is the issue at stake. People who shout “you are oppressing our religious freedom” when they are told to stop hurting others, are examples of irony.

  • Thomas Favors

    Corporations only worship money. Whatever gets them the most money, is their god. Poorly understood christian theology is only a tool to help them get more money.

  • LissaKay

    How exactly is refusing to pay for abortificient drugs and devices oppressing anyone’s freedom? Or hurting anyone? The owners of Hobby Lobby aren’t telling anyone they can’t use those drugs, they just do not want to pay for them.

    For that matter, what right does anyone have to force someone else to give them anything?

  • LissaKay

    “Thou shalt not commit murder” is pretty straight forward and hard to misinterpret.

  • LissaKay

    You do realize that the owners of Hobby Lobby are not “determining” anyone’s family planning, right? They DO cover contraceptives in their insurance policy, and like all other employers, have no idea what their employees are receiving in the way of medical care. They simply do not want the insurance plans which they pay for in part to cover drugs and devices that are intended to destroy the fertilized egg, which they believe to be the murder of a human being.

  • LissaKay

    The insurance policies at Hobby Lobby DO pay for contraceptives. They are not opposed to birth control, only to those drugs and devices that are intended to destroy the fertilized egg. And that is not forcing their faith onto anyone.

  • Thomas Favors

    Denying medical coverage doesn’t hurt people?

  • Thomas Favors

    People misinterpret that one more than any of the other commandments. People have murdered homosexuals, doctors, or attacked people who just believed differently than them about something and used the bible to justify it.

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  • LissaKay

    They are not denying medical coverage. Only coverage for FOUR drugs/devices which are intended to KILL unborn babies. All other contraceptives ARE covered, and the rest of the coverage is the same as anywhere else.

    Are you one of those lily-livered, spineless creatures that thinks it is somehow the employers’ responsibility to pay for EVERYTHING? Get over it … you want it, buy it yourself.

    I get a lot of medical treatment that isn’t covered by my insurance 100% … I don’t sit around and whine about it, I either pay for it, or I do without. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to buy anything for me. Period.

  • Thomas Favors

    We don’t know the intention of the medical devices or treatments. Maybe a woman needs to have these in order to be healthy. I’m not gonna say, or judge on that situation. But we do know that their company is using the bible as a tool to deny people their legal rights. They are relying on their rights to inhibit the rights of others. That is the irony.

    And to be fair, not all people are as lucky as you. Not everyone has the choice of paying for it themselves or doing without.

    It is the responsibility to pay the workers for their work. A lot of employers don’t do that. If you pay the employees what they are worth, you will quickly go out of business. Medical insurance is a way for companies to compensate for this. The employee is still working for it, and then some, so it is not the company giving them something for nothing, it is what they deserve.

  • Thomas Favors

    I would also like to point out, on a slightly unrelated note that I feel needs to be addressed regardless, that the bible does not oppose abortion. In fact the issue is hardly mentioned. And when it is, it is never viewed as murder. So Christianity doesn’t really have an opinion on that. This isn’t really a religious rights issue. It is more of a personal belief.

  • Thomas Favors

    They don’t have the right to force that opinion on to their workers though. Whether we call it faith or something else it isn’t right. A company should not have a say over how in their worker’s personal lives of health issues.

  • shutterbunny

    Exactly, LissaKay They are within their rights to not offer insurance coverage for 3 pills that are in effect a form of abortion. They provide for 16 other contraceptives.
    I am going to check this story out about the divorce,to see if it’s true. I do not support that

  • shutterbunny

    LOL in the case of the contraceptives,they are not forcing anything. They are just choosing to not have 3 of the TWENTY covered under their insurance plans. People are fully allowed to get the other 3 if they choose

  • shutterbunny

    The Daily Currant is a FAKE ‘news’ site This story is NOT true Check it out

  • dadzilla

    This can’t be real.

  • LostAndFound50

    It’s called “Precedent”. What if a large employer converted to Jehovas Witnesse’s decided that getting transfusions are a sin, they won’t allow them to be covered. Then, you/your child is in an accident. The bottom line, is that an employer should NOT have the ” right” to determine what’s not covered in they employees policy-based on THEIR religious beliefs-which should ALWAYS be between the patient. & doctor.

  • Jordan Rogell

    File the lawsuit, it is your right to have a job no matter what you believe

  • Jack

    If Hobby Lobby is so damn concerned with moral rectitude, then why is nearly everything they sell made in atheist, communist Red China ? I seem to remember they force people to use birth control and abortion to limit themselves to having only one child. They are greedy hypocrites , not exemplars of faith.

  • Jack

    Do you work for HobbyLobby?

  • Tracey Aquino

    Sure sounds like it.

  • Susan Pastuszak

    The horror continues. Hobby Lobby should then fire any man they have working for them for having affairs or getting other women pregnant.

  • wiccandruid

    This is what I say about religion, it doesnt do what it was supposed to do, as in unite all people, but instead it drives people apart, its says nothing in the commandments about though shall not divorce, people are to judgemental – “let you without sin cast the first stone”, (remember this) there would never be a pebble overturned, people need to get a life and get over religious brainwashing – god is above all religion – it was designed by man, not god, and it was done so to control so get over it – and boycott this company

  • Tartari

    Here is something before Christianity people were pagans and when Christianity started they would kill pagans if they didn’t start to believe in Christianity. So when it comes to you shall not kill that is a bunch of crap. But if you ask Christians they would say it was justified because it was looked at as getting rid of those that didn’t believe in one god. With Christians kill they say its in the name of God.

  • Jennifer

    LAWSUIT! And I wish the government would stop being wimps and stand up to this company. They have absolutely no right to force their beliefs down anyone’s throat. They need to be like everyone else and give their employees the right to choose. Obviously not everyone there shares the same beliefs. This woman is probably more than stressed out already with an alcoholic ex husband, being a new mom and now without a job. Really?? Where’s your ‘Christian’ principles now?

  • Trelane

    “But unfortunately this fornicator refused to take the Christian path. Why should we be forced to employ some hussy who bounces around from one man to the next? Maybe if she had performed her wifely duties properly, her husband wouldn’t have needed to drink so much.”

    Oh no, you just didint go there!

  • Sherry

    Has to be more to it than what they stated,

  • jookyg

    True, but the definition of the start of life, in order for it to be considered murder, is a purely religious thing. And as a religious thing, it doesn’t apply to those who don’t believe.

  • Saharah’s Treasures

    When is it that we are going to go back to when religion was personal. It has no business in the work place. Well, when I get to AZ. I will spend more money for my craft supplies vs going to this store!

  • holoh

    How is not providing something to someone forcing something on them? By that rationale, all companies that don’t provide insurance are forcing their opinion on their employees. Insurance is simply a part of a company’s compensation package to employees the same as wages are. If employees don’t like what they are being paid, quit. If employees don’t like the insurance they are getting, quit. It’s that simple.

  • holoh

    This is a satire site. Nothing on this website is true.

  • holoh

    It’s not the employee’s policy, it’s the company’s policy that is provided to employees. There is nothing saying employees can’t get additional coverage for the things their employer doesn’t provide. Also, blood transfusions are covered under laws that require medical facilities to provide life-saving services regardless of a person’s ability to pay, so your example is irrelevant.

  • holoh

    This is a satire website. That means this article isn’t true if you couldn’t figure it out.

  • holoh

    This is a satire site. That means this article isn’t true if you couldn’t figure it out.

  • holoh

    This whole website isn’t real, moron. It’s a satire site.

  • holoh

    It doesn’t make sense to let company owners make business decisions about the company that they OWN? WTF kind of logic is that? Should we prevent you from making changes to things you own?

  • holoh

    Hobby Lobby is not “denying medical coverage” at all. They are not providing specific medical coverage. There is a huge difference between denying and not providing. If a friend calls you and asks you for a ride home and you say no, are you denying them from getting home? No, you just aren’t providing it. They still have hundreds of other options to get home such as other friends, a cab, walking, etc. Hobby Lobby employees still have hundreds of other options such as purchasing the contraception themselves, getting additional coverage that covers contraception, etc.

  • holoh

    You realize that corporations are simply groups of people (owners) right? The entity doesn’t make decisions, the people do. If they happen to be religious, that is one of many factors they will consider in their decision making. It’s not rocket surgery.

  • wiccandruid

    Tartari I agree whole heartedly fear breeding fear, taught i am a loving god but if you cross me then your will be smitten down ??? no forgiveness here, I am not a person that normally quotes anything religious as I dont beleive in organised religions they do nothing but cause death and misery to all that encompass them, now each to there own and you get fabulous people as well as the fanatics and cults also, My belief structure is “do as thy will but harm none” and to be honest if you harm none you wont break any commandments as they are called so i think it covers about everything,

  • Steven Tomon

    It’s almost unanimously agreed that THE END OF LIFE happens when the heart stops, so why is it so often debated when THE BEGINNING OF LIFE happens? If it is over when the heart stops shouldn’t it stand to reason that it begins when the heart starts?

  • texasaggie

    Ah, no. The things that they are opposed to do nothing of the kind despite the talking points of the right wing religionists. They have flat out refused to allow their insurance policy to pay for ANYTHING that is contraceptive including the pill.

  • texasaggie

    You keep saying that, but I can find no where that substantiates it.

  • texasaggie

    Actually THE END OF LIFE happens when the brain flat waves. If it ended when the heart stopped, then the various forms of heart resuscitation wouldn’t be employed.

  • texasaggie

    What makes you think that the drugs they are denying are abortifacient drugs?

  • Peter LC

    They argue a right of religious expression but they do not have a right of religious persecution. Divorced customers, male and female, along with single parents should boycott this chain and see what happens.

  • db

    This is a made up story. Here is the link to saying it is false.

  • Lana Rinck

    Guess Hobby Lobby no longer wants this hussy’s money and believe me since my husband has started painting, I have spent lots there every week!!!!!

  • unclesamonmars

    I haven’t read one comment yet. I just know this is going to be good all the way to the end.

  • unclesamonmars

    Please tell me you did not have to go to to verify this is fake. Please!

  • unclesamonmars

    No. As a matter of fact they didn’t, dip stick.

  • unclesamonmars

    You only sell your cooch, right?

  • unclesamonmars


  • unclesamonmars

    Big talk from someone posting in caps.

  • unclesamonmars

    You aren’t making the population of College Station appear intelligent by arguing on the comments section of a fake story.

  • unclesamonmars

    How long ago did you flat wave?

  • unclesamonmars

    Your body doesn’t support brain function either.

  • nana5645

    Not to mention that they either have misinterpreted, or are lying about, the verse in the Gospel according to St. Luke that they cited to justify their vicious, un-Christian, zeal to judge others. The verse they cited does not in any way equate divorce with adultery! It says that IF you remarry after divorce, you commit adultery. If they really were Christians they, would reinstate her in her job and apologize to her before their congregation!

  • Betsy Warren

    The sad part is I can actually see them doing this.

  • Jeanann Gastinger Wellman

    Ok damn I am done with hobby lobby the rest of the wedding stuff i buy will be from Micheals

  • Bahney Googol

    Well, they now have official permission, don’t they.

  • me ohmy

    good riddance.. don’t eat at chik-fil-a either.
    I’ll more then make up for you not going there.

  • aurelius

    I can’t wait for the religious test panels! Inquisition anyone?
    I think I know why the 5 male Roman Catholics voted for this. In the Bible (old Testament) God sends bears to kill children who were teasing a priest for being bald. This sounds pretty good to those 5 males and besides they wanted to keep taking communion. The Church threatened politicians with refusing them communion if they didn’t vote a certain way, why not the Supreme Court?

  • aurelius

    What parts of the Bible are the word of God and what parts aren’t?

  • aurelius

    Do the owners of Hobby Lobby have to pass a religious test to certify their beliefs? Do they have to show consistency with their beliefs? Do they have to stop financially supporting slave labor conditions in China where female workers are required to take pregnancy tests at work so they can be fired if pregnant, and have forced abortions if they already have one child?

  • aurelius

    Couldn’t someone bring a case against Hobby Lobby regarding the inconsistencies of their religious beliefs?

  • aurelius

    I heard someone is starting a new religion that requires men to get vasectomies (they are reversible) and not reverse them until they can show that they can support a child and they are married.

  • Diane

    Hobby Lobby’s ridiculous “christian” position may be cleared up if the Mormon background were known. It is the most anti-female group on the planet, along side those who cover their women and stone them for whatever.

  • Kenneth

    Maybe, but since MANY passages in the bible say certain sins are punishable by death, who does the killing? Thou shalt not kill, unless the bible says you can. Which do you live by, the commandments or the the passages that say to kill?

  • Guest


  • David Gargiulo

    What BS. They just want to save money. However, this is religious tyranny. You’re looking right at it. The Spanish Inquisition is back., Here it is. Thank you US Supreme Court. And all friends of Torqumada or how ever you spell that bastard’s name.

  • David Gargiulo

    You can’t pick and choose with these types of Christians. They are treacherous beyond belief. Look at how they twist things around to fit their goals and desires. And all of them have something to do with everybody but the elite kow towing to the cult.

  • David Gargiulo

    What you say is so right. But that’s just it with these kinds of people. They say one thing and then do whatever is expedient to make money or have power. They have no consitency at all except the quest for power and money. Don’t even bother to argue or engage these robots. When you see them coming stop them any way you can short of violence.

  • David Gargiulo

    You drank the kool aid. Get out of there. Get out now while you’re still intact, while you still have amind. Get away from them as quickly as possible. Turn on some rock and roll the louder and raunchier the better. Take your soul back now before it’s too late.

  • nancyrbennett

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  • Jeanann Gastinger Wellman

    your a jerk

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  • Don Payson

    I call BS on this