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Female Softball Player Comes Out as Straight - The Daily Currant - The Daily Currant
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Female Softball Player Comes Out as Straight

Apr 10, 2014

softballstrightA college softball player from the University of Texas shocked the sports world today by coming out as a heterosexual.

In an emotional press conference this morning, Jennifer Ryan, 23, announced that she was a “proud member” of the opposite-sex community. The senior shortstop is believed to be the first and only openly straight women’s softball player in the history of NCAA athletics.

“I would just like to thank everyone who has supported me through this difficult time in my life,” she told reporters at McCombs Field in Austin. “For years I have known that I was different, but lacked the courage to be open about my lifestyle with family, friends and teammates.

“Today I would like to tell the world that I am straight. It’s not something that I chose. I was simply born this way. And after years of living in the closet, the time has come for me to start being who I really am.

“I want to tell every little girl in America: you don’t have to be gay to be an elite softball player. Straight athletes hit just as hard, pitch just as hard, and run just as hard as everybody else.

“Hopefully my example will inspire other straight softball players to come out from the shadows. We need to stand up and be recognized for the amazing contributions we have made to this sport.”

First Base

Today’s news comes after several high-profile male athletes have come out as gay in recent months. Jason Collins became the first openly-gay player in the NBA this year after the Brooklyn Nets signed him in February. And the NFL is expected to have its first openly gay player when Missouri defensive end Michael Sam is drafted in May.

Just yesterday, men’s college basketball became the latest sport to have it’s first openly gay player when UMass sophomore forward Derrick Gordon came out to USA Today.

Other collegiate sports have long had openly gay athletes. But some, like softball, have notoriously had a dearth of openly straight ones.

Nevertheless Ryan’s coming-out has drawn support from several prominent gay softball stars. Shortly after the press conference  2008 silver medalist Lauren Lappin  Tweeted, “Great day for college softball. Jennifer Ryan has proved we are a sport that accepts all lifestyles.”

  • pragmastist

    The title of Ann Coulter’s column a few years back about the first lesbian marriage ending in divorce was “Who gets the softball trophies”. That made my day.

  • StraightSoftballPlayer

    This is offensive to straight softball players. Who ever said the majority of softball players are gay???

  • gaultfalcon

    I’m offended by you being offended.

  • debbie

    Really?!? I played A-Class softball and was one of three straight players on the team…. and I am not even talking about high school or college ball. Two additional players were even married to men and then came out of the closet and “changed teams”.

  • Daz

    Fark this is sooo funny, just playing on stereotypes but man that cracked me up!!

  • Rachel

    The fact that you think she is serious with a user name like “StraightSoftballPlayer” kills me a little 🙂

  • Annoyed

    I have played softball all my life, and in college and have only played with a couple (3 max) gay players. I am sick and tired of this stereotype

  • tylrfch

    I seriously doubt everyone in NCAA softball is lesbian. This is a sad article. It’s hard for homosexuals to come about because of the ridicule and discriminatory treatment they may receive for doing so. This is like a serious article about a white guy saying how tough it is to be white, and that his people have lived a rough past and still face racism today. I’m not saying it’s outright offensive, just stupid.

  • MLWhoa

    Thought I’d join in on the pissing contest: I’ve never heard of a-class softball but… I did play for two division 1 softball teams in college: DePaul Blue Demons out of Chicago as well as moving onto one of the Big Ten schools for softball, the Wisconsin Badgers, under a 2-year scholarship. My point being, I’ve only met (or known of) under 10 woman who were legit lezbobs throughout my 15+ years playing this sport. I believe this stereotype is leaning more towards the fact that a lot of the woman that play softball look “butch”. Not that they actually enjoy the clam. Ya feel me?

  • Ben Cohen

    Is this supposed to be a joke article? Is the line “believed to be the first and only openly straight women’s softball player in the history of NCAA athletics.” supposed to be a joke? I attended most (if not all) of my college’s softball team’s home games (from 2006-2010), knew everyone who played on the team during that time, and don’t believe all of the players were lesbian. Not sure what to think of this writing.

  • Bob

    Praise God about time some1 stands up to our Christian Nation! God Bless our Nation. and pray for them that are natural conflictions with there self.

  • holoh

    LOL, that’s what you think.

  • holoh

    You missed the point. This article is about how ridiculous it is that people “come out” as anything. The ONLY people that care are the people that are going to look down on you. People that are accepting of your sexuality don’t care and therefore there is no reason to “come out” unless you are just trolling for attention from those who condemn homosexuality.

  • holoh

    Are you serious? Yes it’s a joke.

  • Keg34

    This comment makes no sense and the grammar is horrible.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    What a brave young women.
    I imagine she will be all over the TV now as well as visiting the WH.

  • Vanilla Gorilla

    Boom! holoh hit the nail right on the head

  • AZsports Fanatic

    Well said.

  • ELS

    Most people assume that other people are heterosexual until proven otherwise, so for us lesbians who look femme enough to pass as straight, it’s important to come out and assert our sexuality to avoid awkwardness when people ask “so, do you have a boyfriend?” or other random remarks that only a straight girl could answer. This article points out heterosexual privilege; heterosexuals do not have to think about their sexuality in the way that homosexuals do. I constantly have to worry about which person is safe to disclose my sexuality to.

  • Jennifer Schenk

    I hope our illustrious president acknowledges her struggles….her bravery….her plight.

  • Ben

    I was going to respond but then you used the word “privilege” and realized it’d be like talking to a brick.

  • gaysoftballforchrist


  • holoh

    Why is “do you have a boyfriend?” awkward? If you don’t have a boyfriend, then your answer would be no. Even if it was awkward, someone who doesn’t know you well enough that they have to ask you if you have a boyfriend or not isn’t going to take notice when you come out. If they do happen to notice enough to remember, then that is all they are going to remember about you and talking to them IS going to become awkward.

  • holoh

    Of course heterosexual privilege exists. You mean you didn’t get your multi-million dollar check and members-only card from the “Heterosexual Social Club of America” this year? LOL.

  • seoulborn

    To add to Holoh’s words. Answering “no, I have a girlfriend, her name is ____” Is no more awkward as just saying “no” and moving on to the next topic. Feeling awkward is a sign of insecurity. Don’t be insecure about yourself.

  • Kit

    LOL! Love it — you, go, girl!

  • sk

    What I read from the article is she is
    making the point that it is absurd that anyone has to “come out” at
    all. If you think it is ridiculous to come out as straight – you should also
    think it is ridiculous to come out as homosexual. Why does it matter who
    someone loves? Does that part of their life dictate the type of person they are
    or whether they are nice, kind or compassionate? No it does not. We all have
    preferences (tall/short, skinny/curvy, athletic, blonde/brunette, younger/same
    age….) whether we are heterosexual or homosexual but for some reason our society thinks if you are homosexual you need to tell people about your preferences???

  • holoh

    Maybe you should try praying to God that “some1 stands up to our Christian Nation!”

    I think you have a natural conflict within yourself which causes you to use terrible grammar, so much so that it makes your comments read the exact opposite of what you actually meant.

  • holoh

    I no rite? He word bad so coment pray God stand up to our Christian Nation! So conflictionizationed with in he self.

  • holoh

    Your username. IT. IS. AWESOME.

  • mefeelya

    I would like too


    This is completely made up… UT’s starting ss is Taylor Thom… funny article though.

  • I was laughing at the article but my sides hurt from the comments. Between the holier than thou people who are offended, of course, to those that get the joke and are trying to share the idea that coming out doesn’t matter to the people it doesn’t matter to. The only argument I have ever heard to support “coming out” is to give some hope of good life to young people who are feeling alone and depressed etc. So, for THOSE people… I try to not squash and poo all over serious articles where someone has “come out.” because maybe that has made someone’s life a little better. But I really do hope we get to the point where we can stop, because I don;t give a rip, and I think there are far more useful articles to take the place of “came out.”

  • Bassmanbc

    Thank you Jennifer, My granddaughter also plays softball and is straight

  • Jimmy Miller

    is this a joke, i know division 1 softball players that are straight, this article is a joke beyond belief

  • Cassi

    C’mon now, if a big lez like me can laugh at this than you can too. This is making fun of the stereotype in woman’s softball not about coming out in general. I see where it may seem like it’s that kind of jab but I didn’t read it that way. Those who grew up around the elite softball/basketball world will laugh and understand where the sarcasm is directed at.

  • Cassi


  • Cassi

    No, that isn’t what the article is about. It is jabbing at the stereotype only within women’s softball only. I find your trolling for attention comment absurdly offensive. Coming out is just another way of saying “I’m going to be who I am” but that takes a ton of courage as it comes with great risks. Physical harm, getting fired, unequal treatment on the team, etc. I can only assume you are straight and oblivious to what a gay person, especially in a geographical area or sport where it is taboo, has to go through daily.

  • Cassi

    I don’t like Ann Coulter but that’s funny.

  • Evan

    Damn it, I mean their first assumption was that you were gay. Looks like I’m stupid, too.

  • AroundTheHorn

    If you have to ask then it’s already too late for you. You attended college?

  • dhawk

    lol it is tough bein white

  • ImDoUiNnigga

    Thats funny

  • SD619Native

    This would only be a story if she played Women’s College Basketball 😉

    All kidding aside, I see the absurdity of “coming out”. No one cares if you are straight or gay.

  • LikeWTF

    wow, so there is an article about someone being straight… where is the real news?

  • Debbie Middleton

    I would like too too

  • holoh

    Keep acting like you are different and people will continue to treat you differently. There are two explanations for coming out – either you are trolling for attention or you want to be treated differently.

    I also like how you assume that having to go through things daily is unique to gay people. Pretty ignorant.

  • holoh

    Every heard of satire? Obviously not.

  • holoh

    She may be straight, but I guarantee 99% of softball players have tasted the vag to see how it is. LOL.

  • gottamouthoff

    Does that mean she is no longer a VIRGIN?

  • holoh

    I’m replying to this post because your other one is awaiting approval by the moderators. I’m a guy. If someone asked me if I had a boyfriend, the answer would be no. Why would it be awkward? It might be awkward for someone who is opposed to homosexuality, but for someone who thinks it’s completely normal, why would asking if I had a boyfriend or asking if I had a girlfriend be awkward? I’m assuming that 100% of homosexuals are ok with homosexuality and heterosexuality, so it stands to reason that a question asking them if they had a boyfriend (or asking if they had a girlfriend) would not be awkward. If they owned a truck, would it be an awkward question if someone asked what kind of car they drive? If someone is a democrat, and someone asks “did you vote for Romney?” is that an awkward question? No, they just say “no” or “no, I’m a democrat”. “Coming out” serves no purpose because people shouldn’t care about people who would actually care that they came out!

  • holoh

    No, it’s a jab about the absurdity of gay people “coming out”. The only people that care when you come out are people who would condemn you and people with an agenda. Anyone who sees homosexuality as normal sees you as announcing “I’m normal, but I’m announcing it to the world, so I really want to be treated differently”. If you want to be treated like everyone else, then act like everyone else.

  • holoh

    You nailed it.

  • holoh

    Ever heard of satire?

  • BDC

    ^ TRUTH

  • Queena Knox

    ROFL!! This has made my day!!

  • Sherri

    Well- I am white, lived a very hard life being raised in a project and being the only white person in school- me and my siblings were threatened every day- we were poorer than poor, I could tell you horror stories of what I went through as a child in the early 70’s, constantly bullied because I was a cracker- didn’t know what that meant, the humble blacks that are depicted so often on tv- during the civil rights movement- I never saw that, all I saw was a race that openly hated white people, – I am not stupid- there is racism, against white people, I am sick to death of hearing how blacks were mis- treated- if you could have walked in my shoes, you would know what it would be like o be raised a poor white child- not happy memories!!!!

  • chantelle clark

    dude you are kinda gross

  • Jordan Wilkins

    lol is she trolling or something

  • Fatstraightguy

    This very emotional story has inspired me to “come out” too. For years I have been struggling with my own personal battle. I have always been afraid to let people know about my lifestyle for fear people would start to look down on me or judge me when they finally knew the secret I have been hiding for so many years.. But you know what? I wont hide it any longer, so here goes, (i’m fat) WOW that felt great! I know my family will be shocked but I just couldn’t hide it any longer. I am sorry if coming out in a public arena adds to the sting of finding out who I truly am, but it feels fantastic to now have it out in the open. Maybe I will inspire other fat people to stop hiding it from their family and friends so they can feel the same joy I am experiencing. So come on all my chubbly friends, WHO’S WITH ME?

  • NoTrolling4me

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world


    I really wish folks would pay attention to what they’re reading. Wow! With all the angst in the comments, I have to say – Reading is fundamental folks.

  • CaptQT

    Get over yourself! It’s a parody!

  • Anonymous

    It’s easy to say that it’s absurd to come out when you don’t have to. Everybody is assumed straight until stated otherwise. Even though I haven’t had the courage to come out yet, I still feel it is a huge weight on my shoulders that people think of me as straight, because that’s just not who I am. But for now, I feel it’s better that they do think of me as straight because I’m afraid of people treating me differently, whether it be ignoring me because they believe my “choice” is unnatural or a sin, or if they would start to view me in stereotypical ways and try to make me their “sassy gay friend.”
    This is why coming out is important when you aren’t straight, because it takes away these preconceived notions of what/who LGBT+ people are.

  • One Chaunce


  • morons

    the daily currant is satire you numbskulls

  • Michael

    The Daily Currant is a satire, much like The Onion. Just fyi!!!

  • BoostedSRT

    I am offended at your lack of humor

  • BoostedSRT

    not yet, but if you get a little closer and maybe take your shirt off, we’ll get to feelin ya

  • schmak01

    Softball has a rule. Ribbon in the hair = straight.

    Watch some games, you’ll notice.

  • william g.

    You really didn’t laugh that hard. Your sides really don’t hurt.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    No woman who plays softball can be trusted to swing only one way.

  • Not anymore… but they did. 😉

  • Rasputin

    OMG this if funny!!!!! Thank you for making my day! Brilliant sense of humor and so true in many ways!

  • KPT

    This article seems like it’s just mocking the LGBT+ community. The whole reason anyone has to “come out” is that everyone is assumed straight. I get the argument that anyone having to “come out” at all is ridiculous, because it is, but it’s only because the default for society is white, straight, and cis-gendered. Once we knock down those walls, then LGBT+ people won’t have to “come out.”

  • tampaspence

    jennifer, i hope that your msg is as ironic and hopeful as it seems. i love it as it appears to me. i do love your announcement for today’s times, but please add that you are friends with gay girls-boys too? that’s all that is missing from your post.

  • Peter D. Blair

    There’s a deep drive to centerfield, way back, way back, home run.

  • Peter D. Blair

    Seriously, heterosexual privilege? Grow up! Why do you have to disclose your sexuality? People will hang around you whether you tell them you are gay or not. If they aren’t comfortable with you without knowing your sexuality they’re not you friend anyway. Find better friends!

    The only gay friend I was ever awkward around was the one who never shut up about his sexuality and how he was proud to be gay. I never knew if he was trying to convince me or himself.

    You don’t have to convince me or anyone else that you are 1. gay, and 2. ok with it. If you are secure in your sexuality great, the whole world neither needs, wants, nor deserves to know about it.

  • Lobster01

    Ann is cool

  • HALO101st

    Ann Coulter is more than an acquired taste, she is very bright, witty, and borders on comedic when she is on a roll and drawing comparisons about liberals and their weird foibles.

  • HALO101st

    Aside from being pretty darn good looking, Jennifer Ryan is also clever and funny as she can be. I think she puts all these, “Look at me, I’m q**ueer!” types where they belong.
    Aside from it being viscerally disgusting, I do not think people give a damn about q**ueers. What is old is their constant ‘In Your Face” attitude about it. Jennifer probably agrees.

  • buildingrubble

    This is hilarious! I love jokes like this. This is my first visit to this site and I’m really impressed. I have a blog that is updated daily with comedy articles similar to this one if you guys want to check it out. The URL is http://buildingrubble.blogspot.com

  • Robert Huffman


  • jjdoe

    She was fun, when she first started showing up on Bill Maher’s shows. He seemed to stabilize her. Eventually, she went totally insane! (for the money?)

  • HALO101st

    Insane? That is what the liberals call her when she nails their little nut sacks to the barn door and gets laughs doing it.

  • Mike

    Yes, I can hear the laughter from the hospital wards…

  • MellyDanielsisf321

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  • powerbase

    Wow 86 posts. It could happen.

  • powerbase

    Feed the trolls.

  • powerbase

    I was just kidding.

  • powerbase

    Just wait another 10 years and it will be.

  • powerbase

    Here I thought they were lampooning softball.

  • powerbase

    Do we all have to feed the trolls. What’s wrong with letting them tell everybody they know first?

  • powerbase

    You got to come out of the gay bar sometime. And when you do, don’t people know? Or do they even notice?

  • powerbase

    You think?

  • powerbase

    I guess we know why you logged on as guest. Pretty slick huh?

  • powerbase

    Me either. I think we are suppose to be trolling the comments to ascertain if people are gay or not to see if they are funny. Of course with a name like Ben Cohen it is not likely that you be as gay as a guest.

  • powerbase

    Dude, I didn’t even make it out of hi skool. But I don’t feed the trolls.

  • powerbase

    I think he is. I’ll say. Oops, I already did.

  • powerbase

    Nope but they do.

  • powerbase

    Do you mind? I’m trolling here!

  • powerbase

    Isn’t strange that the guest is getting all the likes. How do you know that it is not a rub against women’s softball or even Texas?

  • powerbase

    First we get a slight against women, softball, Texas and now we go off the score card on to the race card.

  • powerbase

    Wow dude, 137 likes and counting. There was only 87 comments when I got in.

  • powerbase

    Wow only 4 likes. That was pretty heavy. I would have thought that would of scored higher. I may not be gay but I will hit the like button.

  • powerbase

    Don’t say that to guest, you might hurt his feelings but yeah the comments sure are trending.

  • powerbase

    Why were you trying to be funny?

  • powerbase

    To be straight up I don’t think she is ready to come out of the closet. It takes courage to be as brave as Ryan.

  • powerbase

    So if you had a boyfriend it would be okay to say you didn’t have a boyfriend and? As a gay person you are so lucky that you live today than decades earlier but still you can’t be too careful. Of course, you being guest with the comments trending gay on a straight topic (how did that happen, thweety:-), you would know that. It may not always be cool to be gay depending where you live or even a Republican or a lot of things. Somehow I don’t think coming out doesn’t do you any good unless you score. I guess your greatest fear is not only of the rejection but also the repercussions of a downside.

  • powerbase

    You mean the one with the picture of George Soros on it?

  • kenpomaster20

    Straight from the “About” link on this page incase some of you missed it. I think this story is still funny though.


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Coach

    I would just like to know, at what point in sports does it matter who/what/when/or how many sexual types/partners/animals/whatever. I mean do you get an extra 3 points a game for proclaiming this mess? My daughter plays softball and I coach softball and not once have I ever had a team discussion about the sexual practices of anyone on my team.

  • Quiltyascharged

    You inspire me, I too am fat. I am also white and straight. OMG I have 3 strikes against me.

  • Guest

    Please shut up.

  • Pistol_Pablo

    Just keep it to yourself. Nobody has to “come out”. Who cares? I don’t. Live how you want to live and leave it at that.

  • AlanCR

    I thought this was a pretty good article about ‘coming out’. I’m not sure I’ve really ever understood it though …’coming out’. I do remember having a favorite ‘girl … female I had eyes for’, from kindergarten through college and beyond. You know what? I think I could name them too.

  • Tony Phillips

    Oh horse crap.

  • Chas

    Yeah, Ann’s an idiot:
    (talking to a disabled Vietnam vet) “People like you caused us to lose that war.” — MSNBC

    “If you wanted to teach people about the great things about America, a college campus is the last place you’d send them. Even fanatical Muslim terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do.” Ann Coulter — CPAC conference, 2002

    “We just want Jews to be perfected, as they say.” –arguing that it would be better if we were all Christian

    “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.”

    “God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, ‘Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.'”

    “Press passes can’t be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the President.”

  • Patrick Klocek

    As long as we never have to see her kiss somebody of the opposite gender … HOW REVOLTING!

  • Boss

    nope. not at all.

  • TheBerean

    The heterophobic rants are forthcoming.

  • cbillrun

    Actually these are biting and dead on remarks. Since you think copying and pasting out of context quotes makes a point, go cut and past the stupid things Obama says and reread them over and over.

  • MillieVonRiddenhard

    The comments are crazy. You guys realize this is a satire website, right? lol

  • keith

    your point? She is far less controversial than just about anyone in Hollywood. You only care because you disagree with her and aren’t smart enough to see the hypocrisy.
    She a breath of fresh air in the stale, agenda-pushing nonsense that is liberal media.

  • keith

    you aren’t Christian, are you? That would send you to the camps if Obama had his way.

  • ChildOfGod

    Let’s live how God wants us to live 🙂

  • HALO101st

    And there is something wrong with what Ann concludes, or comments on in all you say she said? She is right! Only whining little gray area princesses like those of the liberal left want to take issue with her… who knows why.

  • Dan

    Just curious, but how did this little sattire start an all out party line debate? Some of you people are plain pathetic. It made me giggle, which I think was mostly the intent. Why read so far into it that it becomes a full out party battle?

  • I agree, what they do in the bedroom is their business only, why do we have to know anything at all about it either way? I will come out now as being straight, hold the presses.

  • aintgottimeforthat

    everyone knows this is a joke about all the stuff going around m. sam. i think it is pretty funny though. yes, i think the kiss on espn was over played and the rams will literally have a guy on their team that is getting rammed. but that is his choice, and we dont need to have ur sexual preference being shoved in our face. oprah ur stupid too. making a documentary about this is a bad idea and i almost want to root against the guy because of this. good article!!!

  • HomoHater >:(

    Shut up, you queer. I hope your daddy pad locks you in the closet. I hope you drown in your boyfriends golden shower.

  • jc

    I am straight too! Wow! I like this movement. If youre not straight your a bigot.

  • sandbun

    If people didn’t care it wouldn’t be news. Once people actually don’t care we can move on. I expect that to happen sometime around when I no longer turn on the radio and hear who is dating who or when you can go to a supermarket and the magazines aren’t about famous people’s personal lives.

  • asdf
  • sandbun

    It’s mostly about teamwork. Teams work better when players feel comfortable being themselves around their fellow teammates.

  • Jov

    not true at all. Look up “wag the dog”. The media tells you what to care about, like it or not.

  • xtasea

    You mean like at a press conference?

  • xtasea

    Or Hairy Reid, or Lips Pelosi, or Potato Face Kerry.

  • xtasea

    OMG, yes! I’m only a little fat but I have false teeth! Oh, I feel so free now!! I was so worried that being a Christian, Conservative, straight, white boy, single guy living in a black neighborhood that loves cats I’d be persecuted and abused.

  • TheSheriff

    I would like to come out as the first openly straight fantasy baseball player. This was a terribly difficult process, i truly hope everyone can appreciate what i have gone through to build up the courage to make such a bold announcement.

  • Ronnie

    I’m confused.. I think I get the point you’re trying to make, but it’s not very clear. Anyone care to let me in on it?

  • zx74125800

    After reading the posts, there are a few with too much free time on their hands and some whose elevator does not go to top floors. Funny, very funny.

  • Tabitha Dowling

    This is why I’m loosing faith in sports. It takes a straight person to make a point that saying you’re gay is asinine and stupid. What pisses me off the most is that Tim Tebow was kicked out of football for being a quiet conservative Christian and that gay football player is having the red carpet rolled out for him. Homosexuality throughout history has been a majour player in the downfall of any large society. It happened in Rome. It’s going to happen here.

  • Faye Farlow

    As if being straight is not the norm! I do not understand apologizing for being normal!!!!

  • ZombieReady

    Ok, since everyone is coming out, I have to say that I have always been a lesbian, trapped in a man’s body.

  • sandbun

    Sure people don’t care. That’s why no one freaked out about them kissing. It’s why so many athletes have come out. And it’s why there definitely won’t be any protestors with signs at Rams camp this year.

  • Danny

    With the Kardashians engagement, breakups, getting pregnant,
    Beyonce seen together with Jaz-c without her engagement ring, and what
    Angelina Jolie and Brad pit are doing with their kids, George Clooney
    and his latest girlfriend……
    Do you really think there is any space left for her to receive any coverage?

  • lanlan

    Yes it is a satire. But satires still have a purpose and can make point. It this was one of the main points. FYI!!

  • chris

    That’s pretty obvious. But the reason why it has been a big deal for individuals to come out as homosexuals is because of how they’ve been treated in the past. Historically, have heterosexuals had to fight for their rights the same way homosexuals have? No, absolutely not. It’s been a big deal for the homosexual community for celebrities/athletes to come out because it says that they do not need to hide it from others like they’ve had to for centuries now. They’re making progress to equality, that’s why it’s important. As much as it seems like “absurd news” to most of you, there are multitudes more young individuals who have to hide who they are and to them, it is an enormous deal. Look at it from both sides. Am I wrong when I say this? Am I missing something here?

  • Ben

    Sane people dont care

  • DJ03

    Very brave to come out like that. she deserves all our support

  • Jim Porter

    haha…clueless on so many levels so let’s just stick to Tebow part. News Flash: he was “kicked out” because he wasn’t that good. Period.

  • Jim Porter

    Are we not allowed to make fun of the LGBT community?

  • Korey Deese

    No, I just don’t like seeing it over and over and over and over and over and over. It’s SPORTS, not a freaking make out fest. I can’t tell you the last time I saw somebody kiss on S.C. period. He doesn’t care/wants to be a “football player”, but HE’S DOING A SHOW WITH FREAKING OPRAH. HE CAN SAY NO TO STUFF. If he really didn’t care he could say “next question”, or have just made the announcement and moved the heck on with being a FOOTBALL PLAYER. Like how ESPN says “minicamp coverage of Clowney (#1 overall), Bortles (#3 overall), and Michael Sam (#257 or #256 overall). What about everybody in between? Do they get the same coverage? Nope.

  • RJ

    uhm if you stopped and considered the way the media blows things outta proportion, most people are either a. obviously gay and don’t profess it to the mountains or b. they can say ever so subtle that theyre gay and the media makes a field day of it like “OMG THEY JUST CAME OUT! THEY’RE ANNOUNCING TO THE WORLD THEY’RE GAY! BLAH BLAH BLAH” in the end its not the individual so much as the media when it comes to celebrities ”coming out”

  • SEGrady

    No, they’re not always assumed straight…I have met numerous people that on SIGHT I knew with great confidence they were gay…I still didn’t need to ask them or have them tell me because I DO NOT CARE…not my life and don’t wish to hear one way or the other! It’s not important…just like knowing Obama is half white isn’t important and you wouldn’t know by looking at him only because we were told…doesn’t make him a better president or a worse president. (Though frankly, not much could make him worse…once you surpass Carter you are already at the bottom) I knew from age 7 my brother was different and around age 12 I knew it was that he was gay…we did not have a conversation about it until he told me at age 30…I looked at him and said, “I already knew”…Sam only did this for attention…PERIOD…I would be more impressed if he had kept his mouth shut, been drafted, made the cut, and THEN announced he was gay. Instead he elected to announce this out of some misguided thought that it would make him more of a minority and give him the edge over other mediocre players hoping to be one of the last guys drafted. He isn’t special anymore than the other guys who barely made the cut…

  • Ram

    Thats very nice of her to lets us know that she will be creating little future softball players down the road. Something her gay teamates wont be doing.

  • cbill=moron

    You’re kidding me cbillrun. These are not “out of context quotes”. How else can one take the quote about the New York Times building? Is that biting and dead on or is she just a bitter person? Muslim this, arab that. And what in the flying f*ck does this have to do with OBAMA. I don’t remember this thread having his name attached it it. Please, make some sense of this.

  • cbillrun

    Wow are you so obtuse I have to explain my point? Oh wait you are a liberal so points are meaningless and you think calling names and posting out of context quotes is debate. Liberals don’t read Ann Coulter except to find things to prove she is hateful and then post them so the idiots who think googling hateful quotes is debate can find them. Before I explain to your infantile mind what any quote means you would first need to find and read the entire article to see what she is referring to or making fun of which of course you won’t. And my point about Obama was – if ones going to google quotes to argue or form a belief then do it for your dear leader. By that metric he is the biggest idiot in the world. My point is don’t be a hypocrite. DUH oh wait dang it a liberal mind is an unreasonable mind. Oh and the fact you don’t realize that the left are the true hate mongers. They make fun of people they don’t agree with because they can’t win an argument. So I’ll make it easy for you. Google hateful things that liberals say and spend the next week absorbing true hate and intolerance. I would call you a moron but a liberal moron is redundant.

  • Don

    Well said and why is it my business whether your gay or not, keep it to your self and your closest friends and lets move on the bigger and better things..

  • Kathy Schroeder

    Sk is right. A shame a young woman is forced to reveal what should not be anyone’s business though. Seems people stereotype people way to much in sports. I would prefer not to hear about anyone’s personal sexual preferences, but these days is seems we have to hear way to much. Public life forces out private issues that should never be public knowledge. Then some want it that way! I just think it is a way to try to promote or force a non conventional agenda. I really do not approve. Let personal stay personal to much public knowledge these days with social media….everyone business out there. Let the performance on the field speak for it’s self.

  • Kathy Schroeder

    Well me either..Faye F.. but perhaps she wants to prevent advances in advance,
    letting them known as unwelcome advances may prevent awkward moments.
    People seem to be openly aggressive these days in an inappropriate way.

  • guest01

    “So say we all!!” 😀

  • Jeremy Hickman

    I think the LGBT misrepresents the Gay community. Lgbt wants tolerance but has no tolerance for people that are different from them. I believe people should treat people as people no matter what their situation. I believe in GOD why hate me for that?

  • Chris F.

    “no one freaked out” … not that you know of anyway.

  • Chris F.

    Bet she only gets chosen in the seventh round of the Major League Softball draft.

  • Betty Walker


  • Judah

    Jennifer Ryan,..thank you so much for your courage in coming out as
    “straight”..because of YOUR courage,..i now have the courage to come out TOO,…im straight too!!! Wow, i feel so much better now.

  • yaki534

    I find it refreshing that some athletes are straight. Queers have been getting all the notoriety lately which is what they wish, Great satire.Love it!

  • yaki534

    Yea, some day, the way things are going they will have a televised orgy at half-time. Now wouldn’t that make them happy?

  • Amanda Leah

    THANK YOU! We don’t need to know about anyone’s preference. You have said exactly what I wanted to say!

  • Liz Da

    Me too!! loll

  • 2EdgedSword

    I salute you Jennifer

  • HappyElectionDay

    When you speak all I see are hypocritical statements left and right. Needless to say, you are shielding yourself within this right winged thread and take comfort in being a part of the heavy majority and being able to say whatever you want within it, and would be torn apart in any part of the intellectual world, republican or democratic.

  • johnnywood

    Cute story and good for her:-)

  • cbillrun

    Well when you type all I see is a typical liberal who can’t support his point. Please elaborate on my hypocrisy. Liberals can’t argue since there are no points to make. Your fantasy world keeps you from making a reasonable point. I don’t care about people agreeing with me. I’ll tell conservatives they are wrong on the rare occasion they are. So PLEASE enlighten me.

  • elizabeth31

    Hopefully, it’s both!

  • Do we all have to feed the trolls…. >> Small Payday Loans <<

  • Lowell

    Neither did it have Ann Coulter’s name on it, but here we are!!

  • Bill Smith 999935

    As the father of a select softball pitcher, I have to admit that cracked me up!!

  • skunkworks

    I must be a ‘male’ lesbian too…..I love to eat it!!!

  • TioDon

    lemme tell you something Mr./Mrs. huge ego….no one gives an obama if you’re gay or straight! and, guess what, they already know you’re gay so it won’t surprise anyone.

  • powerbase

    Why stop there?

  • powerbase

    What if some people think that Satan is GOD?

  • powerbase

    As a straight person I find your comments a bit appalling. Maybe if you wrote novels you would sell a million copies. It could happen.

  • imonmyway

    Ha ha! Funny satire. Would be even funnier if it included her getting a letter of support from BO, ’cause don’t you know if this were real, he would do it!?! (That’s my contribution to the fable!)

  • imonmyway

    Oh, dear. I’d better change my avatar or it’ll be “off to the camps” for me because I’m all of the above! Not really worried though. Nothing on this earth is worth missing heaven for. I want God’s approval, not man’s.

  • James Perez Grey

    This is new??? It seems she just mocked the Gay Athletes by doing that. and also calling every single in the women’s league gay. offensive that this is not news just publicity stunt.

  • BℴscℴApℴstasy L.O.M.

    Wow waaaaay too many people are thinking this is real. You’re all herbs.

  • Oliver

    Actually, the main thing that happened in ancient Rome shortly before its collapse, was the state adopting Christianity as the official state religion. Homosexuality was hardly a new thing at that point.

  • Oliver

    …also your post goes to show why we still need for role models to “come out”, because people like you still promote the idea that being gay is a perversion and a choice, meaning young gay people will continue to get bullied and be worried about admitting their sexuality.

  • Jasbevo

    It is a joke. The article is a spoof.

  • kyunggwilliams

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    Joshua just got an almost new white Kia Rio Hatchback only from working
    part-time off a home computer. try this R­e­x­1­0­.­C­O­M­

  • Mike Arienti
  • jaklin hammam

    Wow waaaaay too many people are thinking this is real. You’re all herbs.


  • troll

    FOAD Uncle Josh.

  • beepath

    So silly. This young woman is making a strange joke but it’s all about acceptance, anyway. Only the homophobes would question the need to “tell people about their sexual preference.’ I think she dost protest too much.

  • beepath


  • beepath

    Hmmm, sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stay tuned…….HAHAHAHA

  • beepath

    Well yeah, it’s noticed. Why do you think there’s so much gay-bashing? Where ya been?

  • beepath

    Spoken like a true specimen of Texas manhood. HAHAHAHA

  • beepath

    Nope, too many give a bush so much that they have an attitude agenda about a total stranger’s sexual preference. Case in point, check out “HomoHater: below. Now why would he be so interested in golden showers. How is it that he’s even aware of golden showers. No, you shut up, you hateful closet queen. I would wager that you know something about being locked up…..at least in a closet. Who knows? Maybe the city jail at 61 Reasoner? HAHAHA

  • beepath

    Powerbase, I think you’re onto something about HomoHater……Probably rolled gay men for a living back in the day…..I mean, anyone that angry. Very telling, isn’t he?

  • beepath

    Chris, you got it nailed. And beautifully explained. And I appreciate your support for the LGBT community. Let’s see more of it.

  • TioDon

    Ok, there are several things I must admit that I like about you rambling post: “too many give a bush”; you really want to be as original and creative as I, don’t you? Forget it, you haven’t had an original thought since you realized there was, in fact, a difference between boys and girls. I really like how you use calling someone a homosexual (“closet queen”) as an insult. Even you know that it’s an insult to be called queer…hahahahahahahaha…..
    (I aso like “No, you shut up” shouldn’t there be a “Moooom, Don’s telling me to shut up?)

  • beepath

    Awwww, have the queers getting too much attention. So much that you rednecks are your usual nasty selves. Sheesh!

  • beepath

    That’s the point, cowboy. Why should a gay person keep their preference “to themselves” anymore than Ray Peterson did when he beat that woman. Seems Ray-Ray could use a cruise around the Montrose neighborhood in Houston. Might mellow him out……

  • beepath

    Now Amanda, you really crave all that male approval, don’t you? You Stepford Wives would do well to understand how limited you are in your man’s world. Seriously.

  • beepath

    That woman with the Adam’s Apple? That’s tired.

  • beepath

    Yes, that strange dude needs therapy, alright.

  • beepath

    Sounds like that’s already one of your hobbies….

  • beepath

    Oh dear, here he goes with the liberal hate, Your problem is that you’re a dead in the water dullard….

  • beepath

    Well said, and yes we will have a very Happy Election Day. Hope it’ll be as much fun as the last one with Clint talking to that chair. HAHAHAHA

  • beepath

    HAHAHAHAHA, and here comes the stay-at-home hustler with her spam…..and you know she’s a con.

  • beepath

    Yeah, uh huh, well get some therapy. I don’t think being fat is your only problem. Seriously.

  • beepath

    Same goes for you. Now I’ve wasted enough time. Just remember boys and girls, homophobia…..like racism/sexism is a mental illness. Seriously.

  • cbillrun

    Lol typical liberal. Instead of debating the point you dismiss me after accusing me of hating. I don’t hate, once again that is what liberals do. I just inform. If I turned into a liberal I think I would hate myself for ignoring facts to get to a belief system.

  • beepath

    It’s all just a pissing contest, isn’t it? LOL

  • beepath

    Uh huh……So why weren’t you “informed” when dimson and Cheney lied us into war? Talk about ignoring facts…..Be sure to watch a great doc, “The Story of Pat Tillman.” The one approved by his family. Oh, you’ll lose sleep from your lake of information. You are dismissed…

  • cbillrun

    I really appreciate the comment. Most of the time when a liberal tries to debate they end up reinforcing what I already know, they can’t. I basically said everything liberals believe is false (most everything anyways) so your point is “Cheney lied us into war” and I guess you meant Bush too. Even if that were true it is a false argument based on my point.One example doesn’t negate an argument. I know I waste my typing breath by saying this, but the belief we were “lied into war” is so provably wrong, it shocks me that anyone believes it. But the dogma of the left is so accepted by the believers that you take it on faith in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Then you dismissed me like you did something! Lol typical so typical and sad.

  • Fatstraightguy

    Ya, I also have a sense of humor. Lighten up. SERIOUSLY!

  • beepath

    Try this…there were no WMDs, there was no danger of a mushroom cloud, there was no yellow-cake, and my favorite…. there was nothing nuclear being hauled around the country in an 18 wheel trailer. Uh….duh…bush is known as dimson, for obvious reasons.You are a dull one… Your con “debate” has nothing to do with gay rights, which you seen to be in denial about, anyway.. Such a hungry puppy with a wagging tail….get someone else to feed your dogmatic typical, and false self. Seriously though, you are dismissed. Anymore nonsense and I will gleefully report you as a common stalker. LOL

  • beepath

    Seems ol’ cbillrun is merely a troll, do not respond to her. This is one troll you do not want to feed….LOL

  • cbillrun

    So you can’t admit you are wrong. Sad. Do some research before taking a stance. Your ignorance is palpable. Once again you prove my point for me. Oh and in true typical liberal fashion since you don’t agree with me , you want me censored. I am a bit jealous though. It would be nice to be a liberal. The nice warm blanket of ignorance is a safe cocoon from the truth and intellectual honesty. Once again you are wrong about your position , easily disprovable – do some research, and like I said even if you were right you can’t use bad behavior to excuse bad behavior. Using your own logic, all I would have to do is cite all the lies of the left to win the argument. Which of course I could but it is off point. My biggest mistake here isn’t my debate because of course I am right, my mistake is arguing with an intellectually dishonest idiot. So now I dismiss you. You’re welcome.