Georgia Legalizes Handgun Vending Machines

Aug 27, 2014

georgiavendingmachinesGeorgia has become the first state in the union to legalize handgun vending machines.

In a ceremony today in Atlanta, Gov. Nathan Deal signed the Firearms Freedom and Accessibility Act (FFAA), which allows the sale of handguns in automated machines that accept cash, credit and debit cards.

The machines will be installed in grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, schools, airports and gas stations. They aren’t required to verify buyers’ identity and won’t perform background checks.

“Millions of people in Georgia lack access to quality firearms,” the governor said in a signing statement. “This bill will finally bring handguns from top manufacturers into every neighborhood and hopefully every household.

“By helping more Georgians to defend themselves, we expect this bill to lower crime significantly. By the end of my second term murder, rape and armed robbery should be nearly eradicated.”

The new machines were developed by Blast-o-Matic, a local start-up based in Sandy Springs. According to the company, 50 devices have already been installed, and 300 more are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

The legislation comes just months after Georgia significantly loosened its gun laws. In April, Deal signed a so-called "guns everywhere" law which allowed registered gun owners to take their weapons nearly anywhere, including bars and government buildings.

Although handgun vending machines seem like common sense to patriotic Americans who support freedom and the constitution, some extreme leftist organizations have called the legislation “irresponsible”.

One focus of liberal ire is the bill’s allowance of the vending machines in bars. Critics say this practice could lead to drunken patrons acting irresponsibly while armed, an argument the bill’s supporters repudiate.

“I don’t buy this ‘alcohol and guns don’t mix’ propaganda,” says NRA spokesman Elmer Fudd. “Having the option to purchase handguns in bars should prevent troublemakers from starting bar fights in the first place.”

For some reason liberal groups have also opposed the unrestricted sale of handguns inside schools. The NRA, which helped to craft that provision of the bill, explicitly rejects the criticism.

“The Second Amendment says that every American has a right to own a gun. Not every American who happens to be over 18. But every single American,” Fudd explains.

“What happens if a criminal brings a gun into a school and starts shooting? Shouldn’t we allow these innocent kids to instantly purchase a firearm to defend themselves? These vending machines are no brainers.”

  • Ricardo_007

    Why will they not have these handgun vending machines placed in Georgia ski resorts, as well?

  • William Morris

    I don’t know what’s worse, the lax gun laws in Georgia, or the fact that people believe this article and are posting it as if it’s a fact.

  • I Troll Libtards

    Sad part is, I bet most liberals are stupid enough to believe this article.

  • I Troll Libtards

    Well that’s just crazy!

  • I Troll Libtards


  • melanie faulkner

    LMAO this story cracked me up!! Never heard anything so ridiculous in my life lol!!

  • William Morris

    You must have missed the GOP celebration at the capital building in Atlanta. They thought it was true, but finally someone told them it never came up for vote. They would have voted it in if it had though.

  • Larry

    When using these machines, will innocent school kids be able to get cash back for lunch money?

  • Jed

    Heavy snow is still blocking all the roads into the ski areas, remember? The plan is to install them as soon as the roads are clear.

  • Jed

    Yes, but only if they use their EBT cards. Their family’s welfare benefit will be automatically increased the following month to insure adequate funds for ammo.

  • SSGT

    Go wash your panties.

  • SSGT

    “No one is blaming inanimate objects. Every time someone picks one up and fires it at another human being it is no longer inanimate. It’s not the inanimate guns that need controlling, it’s the animated ones.” ~ William Morris

    Do your clothes become animate when you put them on? Do you understand the difference between inanimate and animate?


  • libertarianwoman

    People really need to learn to read. Making note of all the ignorant people commenting as if this is real.

  • libertarianwoman

    That was also satire. geez

  • Zach Dickson

    Quick question, Will I be able to use my food stamps as legal tender at these machines?

  • Robert Mull

    If this was true you know liberals would have their panties in a bunch lol

  • Frank Jack Fiamingo


  • William Morris

    Grow up SSGT, Someday you might even be a retired MSGT like me. If you know anything about weapons or the military, you know that we are taught that a weapon becomes an extension of you so it would fit the definition. It’s all about speaking in metaphors. Are you smart enough to look up that word or should I do it for you? Go back to your hole troll.



  • sudon’t

    Unfortunately, no. You’ll still be required to sell them first, at fifty cents on the dollar, to an authorized Vietnamese lady. This built-in waiting period is necessary because poor people can’t be trusted to not make impulsive purchases. Frankly, poor people shouldn’t be allowed to own weapons, at all.

  • John1963

    Funny article. But then again, Parents are allowing their kids to shoot UZIs, and If ISIS Ever makes it over here, we’d better hope there is access to the vending machine down the hall that sells the ammo. LMAO.

  • Barton Taube

    This is the best news I heard since Booth shot Lincon

  • J. C.

    I bet hordes of uneducated bottom feeder conservatives driving all over the state trying to locate them.

  • J. C.

    “Every year, an

    average of 9,200

    Americans are

    murdered by

    handguns, according to

    Department of Justice

    statistics. This does not

    include suicides or the

    tens of thousands of

    robberies, rapes, and

    assaults committed

    with handguns. This

    level of violence must

    be stopped.”

    —Ronald Reagan

  • J. C.

    come back once you know the definition of racism…. you look foolish.

  • Was so hoping this to be true.

  • Dan Gregory

    There is no doubt some would believe it.

  • Victor Cachat

    I bet you lose whenever you gamble.

  • Larry

    Correction on the manner Lincoln was killed, Booth did not shoot Lincoln, a full automatic derringer plugged him. Had there been a Blast-o-Matic in the theater, Lincoln could have quickly purchased a musket, returned fire and kill the derringer.

  • cjohnson44546

    You forgot that it was an assault derringer… not just a normal one. Lincoln better have grabbed the assault musket.

  • SSGT

    Take a look at the number of people that are saved by guns every year — it’ll blow your mind away.

  • SSGT

    I was in the infantry in a weapons platoon in the Marine Corps with two combat tours with a reconnaissance battalion — I’m also a master gunsmith and certified weapons instructor…..Yeah, I have no idea about weapons.

  • perfectarc

    Reagan would be a liberal by the standards of today’s tea party republicans.

  • Zedsdead


  • SSGT

    In a recent report, through available crime data, the Violence Policy Center (an anti-gun group) stated that firearms used for defensive purposes come to an annual average of 67,740 times per year. Not exactly a small number…. Before you form an opinion you should at least look at the data.

  • Christopher Kirtlink

    Methinks you missed the joke, J. C.

  • Dan107

    The really sad part is how many conservatives would really support it.

  • Dan107

    Radical extremist.

  • Dan107

    Quote us some numbers then.

  • Dan107

    So you make your living from guns?

  • Dan107

    When do you start herding them to gas chambers?

  • Dan107

    Maybe not hordes, but there’s a few.

  • Jim Kirk

    damm, wish it were true hehe

  • Spyder

    i bet hordes of uneducated bottom feeding “tolerant” progressives will be driving all over trying to ban them

  • sudon’t

    Please, we’re not fascists. The American system of trailer parks and privatized prisons is very humane. And profitable. Win-win.

  • Zedsdead

    You can pick and choose the study that supports the outcome you desire. ……http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/hicrc/firearms-research/gun-threats-and-self-defense-gun-use-2/

  • SSGT

    True. I didn’t pick the numbers, the VPC got their data from the federal government. Their source was a study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. If you or anyone else are not happy with the results, I’d suggest contacting them.

  • mcrognale


  • mbitsko50

    In the rest of the world ‘liberals’ are free market capitalists who promote smaller government and privatization of government services. If they are the opposition in the U.S. what does that say about how politically retarded Americans are?

  • Demi Monde

    Because it is basically the truth, troll. This is essentially gun laws in the USA.

  • Demi Monde

    The lax gun laws, of course, and this article is a riff on how this article is basically the state of gun laws in the US, esp in the South. The Currant didn’t have to go too far to manufacture “satire.”

  • Jackyll

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. How many times has the media divulged the other methods we “humans” like to use when performing these murders? Blunt force trauma with any object? Strangling? Stabbings? Poisonings? Physical beatings? The answer seems to be they don’t, because those methods aren’t as fantastical and politically charged as the media sensationalizing guns and the violence PEOPLE create with them. No viewer ratings for the news story on the teenaged kid who beats a classmate to death with a golf club or the man who poisons his neighbor, etc., etc., etc…. It’s gotta bleed for it to feed the masses it seems. Truly sad situation.

  • banBananaClips

    An assault derringer with a banana clip rubber bullets and a tank piercing pistol grip

  • dwinkle

    “Liberal” is the term Statists refer to themselves as to give the impression they are something less than jackboot thugs. It’s never meant literally.

  • kernel85

    Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people, and do it more efficiently.

  • kernel85

    Don’t guys of your political persuasion generally distrust the federal government’s statistics?

  • SSGT

    Of course, but people of your political persuasion believe everything the govt tells you. This must be extremely difficult for you.

  • kernel85

    Not at all. In the first place, I’m not paranoid, and in the second, I don’t believe everything my government tells me, but it is infinitely more reliable than the RWNJ websites where the real paranoid characters just make stuff up.

  • SSGT

    I found the article on the New York Times website — they happen to be the exact opposite of right-wing .

  • kernel85

    No, not exactly a small number, until you compare it with the 2.5 million that the NRA claims. The VPC paper continues: “guns are rarely used to kill criminals or stop crimes.”
    As as matter of fact, I’ve never seen that done, but in my life I’ve seen five good guys shot down in the streets, and three of them had been armed. Two were policemen shot with their own guns. Of the five, two survived.
    And this was before the current craze to arm everyone. There is an unintended consequence to everyone being lethally armed; the cops arriving on a scene have only a split second to figure out whether the armed person standing there is a good guy or a bad guy. Good luck!

  • SSGT

    I didn’t quote the NRA numbers, you did. Also, the VPC can claim whatever they want, they threw that statement in on their own (after all, they are an anti-gun group talking to fellow travelers) — I took the time to read the govt report and found no such mention…

    As you stated, police usually show up to a scene after a crime has been committed, more and more law enforcement officers across the country are telling people to protect themselves because the cops can’t be everywhere at once. Take care!

  • CLA

    Sadly, when you resort to name calling, your argument becomes invalid.


    man, you made my day and remember, Stereotyping is a great time saver.LOL

  • Zach Dickson

    Come back after you’ve read the definition of a “troll”