Ferguson Protester Accidentally Burns Down Own House

Nov 26, 2014

burnhouseownfergusonA protester in Ferguson, Missouri accidentally burned down his own house last night after mistaking the building for a convenience store.

According to a report in the Ferguson Post-Gazette, 32-year-old Tyler Jackson threw a Molotov cocktail into a window not realizing he was setting ablaze his own residence. The home, which was empty at the time, subsequently burned to the ground.

“It was dark. I got all turned around. I thought it was a 7-11 or something,” he told the newspaper.

Witnesses describe Jackson shouting expletives after he realized what he had done. He then tried to put out the flames himself with a garden hose, but eventually called 911 and asked the fire department for aid.

“They told me they were too busy with other fires to come help,” he lamented. “I couldn’t believe it. I mean we pay these people’s salaries! What do you mean you're too busy?

“A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”

Ferguson was the site of a controversial shooting on Aug. 9 when Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed black teenager, was shot by police officer Darren Wilson.

Protests have raged in the town after a grand jury refused to indict Wilson on Monday. Although the majority of protests have been peaceful, a substantial minority of protesters have attacked law enforcement officers, looted stores and set fire to buildings.

These attacks have been called self-defeating because they usually target stores located in their own community and owned by local businesspeople. The damage has been compounded by the fact that many fires go unattended due to concerns for the firefighter’s safety.

Nevertheless sources say Jackson is considering filing a civil rights lawsuit against the fire department for not responding to the blaze.

“If it weren't for those racist firefighters I’d still have a home,” he says.

  • InMyView

    ” And than my neighbors looted the place ?! ” ( Tyler Jackson).

  • Sue Anne Ward


  • “A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put
    the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”

    Don’t you mean “They are too busy to help an arsonist who set fire to his own home. This is what stupidity looks like in America”?

  • me

    “A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put
    the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”

    No this is what stupidity in America looks like. Your house burned to the ground because firefighters were busy putting out other fires set by your fellow idiots. Suck it up. You got what you deserved. Do you have any compassion for the homes and businesses of innocent people that were burned down? Looted?? It was ok that you thought you were burning down a 7-11?? You should be arrested for arson.

  • dwight schrute

    Everyone please note: as real as this article sounds, this is a satire site!

  • Wlfric

    Charge him with arson and put him in prison

  • LindaFromNewYork

    What a crock of sh*t. Good. Glad he burned his own home down. Too freaking bad. What a POS loser.

  • Guest

    And this person breeds and quite possibly votes? Now wonder America is screwed!!!!

  • riverick

    Friggin idiot ! Apparently this guy is STUPID ! Ha ha ha ! I love it !

  • saltcay

    You people do know that this is fake, right?

  • Desiree Sanpere-Padro

    karma is a bitch

  • Michael Hahn

    he sets the firer blames town he should be charged with arson

  • lovingparentof2

    ““They told me they were too busy with other fires to come help,” he lamented. “I couldn’t believe it. I mean we pay these people’s salaries! What do you mean you’re too busy?
    “A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.””

    Unbelievable!!!! Are we sure this is not an Onion article. There’s no one THIS stupid.

  • Guest

    How many government officials’ salaries is he exactly paying? You have to have a job and pay taxes to be able to say you pay salaries. Does he not know that?

  • Kimberley44

    lol.. This story is FAKE…LOLOLOLOL GOOD BUT FAKE

  • Kimberley44

    You do realize this is fake right?

  • Glazi

    Thank God! I was wondering how far I’d have to scroll down before someone realized that!

  • Tim Taylor

    lmfao… no, ^ THIS is what stupidity looks like. You and the dipshits who liked your comment.

  • Shane OBrien

    No matter how many articles Daily Currant puts out there are always goofballs out there who fall for it, hook, line and sinker!

  • Guest

    LOL just saying!!!!

  • Elizabeth Carstens Winn


  • Jason Holliday

    Gee, let us think about this for a minute! 1) You were intentionally trying to burn down a structure that did not belong to you, but when you ignorantly burned your own home you were not ok with it. 2) You along with your stupid friends and neighbors went around Burning Ferguson to the ground, and expect the fire department which has limited resources to come to your aid and drop the other things they are doing such as fighting the first 8 fires that you likely set. 3) You honestly are going to throw race up into this when you set your own home ablaze? That is the true definition of stupidity. At least ignorant people do not know any better!

    4) I hope you try and file an insurance claim so they can at least charge you with insurance fraud!
    Good Luck!!!

  • Padrig

    We have a problem when so many people lack the minimal trace of skepticism required to detect the satire in this story. Even if you didn’t know anything about this site, does it stand to reason that even the most idiotic protester doesn’t know where he lives, or that he would be discussing his participation in arson with someone in media or anybody else that would impart that information to the media?

  • Wayne McIntosh

    Most of these morons in Ferguson stay stoned so I wouldn’t put it past them after all they’re burning down their own community! Plus their problems are always someone elses fault, not their own to hear them tell it! I’m referring to the ones burning and looting!

  • BMW Metro

    First BMW Comment: I just heard about this site today and I gotta tell ya, it may be false and satirical but damn they are good at it!

  • BMW Metro

    2nd BMW Comment: And you know what too? They aren’t that far off from some of the choreographed crap on CNN, Fox, HLN, and MSNBC, etc.!

  • Guest

    Never mind racism…. This is what stupidity looks like!

  • Guest

    Are you effing kidding me? You throw a moltov cocktail into your own hose and the fact that it burns is someone else’s fault????

  • Guest

    Are you effing kidding me? You throw a moltov cocktail into your own house and the fact that it burns is someone else’s fault????

  • dwight schrute

    Not arguing that this is as real as today’s news coverage. I trust Steve Colbert and Jon Stewart more than cnn’s talking butts to give the facts.
    Just don’t believe everything on the internet or that sports pickle is real sports.

  • sleepvark

    Kind of like the article about the little white girl who was charged and convicted as an adult black male, and got hanged during the next KKK rally, right?

  • DaveA

    I am so thankful for giving me a good belly laugh ! ! Still ROFLMAO

  • ChristianWilliamson

    lol dumbass daily currant is a satire site

  • ChristianWilliamson

    you should be arrested for stupidity for taking a fake article from a satire site seriously

  • ChristianWilliamson

    linda is that girl that put out after hearing “of course i love you” and wondered why she never saw the dude again. poor gullible linda. duped again because of a lack of critical thinking skills.

  • Sorry about that, guys. This came across as a “story” in a news feed reader. The thought never occurred to me to read the About Us page. I’ll know better next time not to believe anything I read here (although, it was so unbelievable when I read it, I should have known better).

  • Bob D.

    I have to admit; this made my day – in a sad, ironic, “dark humor” kind of way.

  • Texas Take

    I really enjoy reading the comments from the gullible teanderthals when satirical stories like this one makes their rounds. They eagerly take the bait as it reinforces what they want to believe and question nothing about the source or its credibility. Afterall, there is no difference between the propaganda spreading web sites they read for their so-called “news” and these satirical sites. Keep it up teabillies, you give thinking Americans a reason to feel better about ourselves and another reason for us to give thanks today.

  • Ashley Swaringam

    This is stupid, don’t purposely start fires. The department was probably to busy putting out a fire the guy helped previously set. Absolutely nothing to do with racism idiot. Just stupid getting what it deserves.

    Also my post is not directed towards anyone else’s post just the actions in the story.

  • kcsparky

    “If it weren’t for those racist firefighters I’d still have a home,” he says.

    I believe the fire was started by incredible stupidity and complete lack of personal responsibility. There is no saving this area. Common Sense is a term that does not apply nor can be spelled here.

  • tumbleweed

    He “called 911 and the fire dept”? hahahahahahaha

  • Marleydude

    “A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put
    the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”

    So he’s running around throwing Molotov cocktails into buildings setting them on fire, and then criticizes the fire department and calls them racist because they’re too busy to respond? And then blames it on racism?? Unreal.. Poetic Justice!

  • Marleydude

    Sorry I thought the same thing. I don’t go to this site. It showed up in my timeline. The saddest thing about this is it’s believable!

  • Mickey

    PEOPLE!!!! Haven’t you learned anything about the internet yet? IT’S SATIRE!!!!!

    I wanted it to be true, and the rioters are certainly morons, but even a jungle bunny knows what a 7-11 looks like. That’s where he gets his Swishers and his malt liquor.

  • Guest

    Not being surprised that a black man did this to his own home is what racism look like…LOL.

  • pragmastist

    In the real world, which some people have trouble keeping apart from satiric web sites I heard a Ferguson protester set him self on fire lighting a molotov cocktail.

  • Mr. Sonic

    I would hope that all of you realize that this story is a satire. For those of you who missed that, I have another piece of news. Wrestling is fake. It’s true. Look it up.

  • Joan Scott-Lange

    You can’t fix stupid

  • Seriously? Not being surprised that an idiot arsonist protesting in the middle of the night did this to his own house is one thing. Labeling someone a racist who never even referred to a man’s color IS racism defined!

  • kaisayson

    This is funny, good thing its satire. But the people of Ferguson did set their town on fire…so its kinda believeable 🙂

  • KW900

    And the Dumbest Person in the World award go’s too!

  • One reason this story is as funny as it is, is because it borders on the believable.

  • me

    Sorry we are not all as perfect as the two of you. This showed up in my news feed. I have never even heard of the Daily Currant, so how was I to know it was satirical? What is sad is that this IS an entirely believable story in today’s society. Even sadder is the fact that you couldn’t just let people know it was a satire site without insulting them…….

  • me

    Sorry, not typing it all again, all you get is a cut and paste…….

    Sorry we are not all as perfect as the two of you. This showed up in my
    news feed. I have never even heard of the Daily Currant, so how was I to
    know it was satirical? What is sad is that this IS an entirely
    believable story in today’s society. Even sadder is the fact that you
    couldn’t just let people know it was a satire site without insulting

  • Jessica Boyce Kornegay

    Black or White, whatever color, I would have said the same damn thing!!!
    You set fire to your own house thinking it was a store, you deserve to
    have your house burn to the grown, dumbass! This is what STUPIDITY looks
    like in America, and unfortunately it seems to be a TREND anymore!

  • MCameron


  • bc3b

    “If it weren’t for those racist firefighters I’d still have a home,” he says.

    If it wasn’t for you being the dumbest person in the world, you’d still have a home. If you have insurance, I hope the insurance company refuses to reimburse you;.

  • Guest

    Tyler Jackson? You should have just got yourself some marshmallows and enjoyed that toasty little fire YOU SET.

    File a civil rights lawsuit? You moron, you’ll be lucky if YOU don’t get indicted for arson! Doesn’t matter if it was your own house (har har) or not, arson is AGAINST THE LAW you stupid f–k !!

  • newsreader

    Bwahahahaha not racism dude – it’s Karma.

  • Jeff Roach

    HA HA HA HA HA HA. He should have called Rev. Al to come help, oh wait, he will, so the racist rev. can rant and rave about the racist firemen. What a F’ing MORON.

  • Steve Graham

    I get the satire of the story making a point of the people who live in their own community burning it down, but the sad story is a true one. ”protesters shut down a major highway and a car manages to plow thru them. And they have the gall to scream the license plate number out to report it to the police. They have no respect for authority but still they expect an authority figure to come to their aid. now that’s funny shitt.

  • John (magnum)

    “Ferguson Protester Accidentally Burns Down Own House”


    Just shows you really can’t fix stooooopid !!

  • Tread7

    Excellent if obama had a son !! Karma

  • superdough

    Ha. Is this story for real? it seems too perfect.

  • Karen Peters

    “I have never even heard of the Daily Currant, so how was I to know it was satirical?”
    This is the reason it pays to do some research of a site, especially if you have never heard of it, before reposting or commenting on something from them. If you just do the research than you do know and it saves yourself having to read comments like those.

  • Karen Peters

    Gee, let’s think about this for a minute: 1) The Daily Currant is a satire news site. 2) That being said, there is no truth to this story. 3) It really pays to check your sources before claiming that someone is stupid or ignorant. 4) Because without checking the source prior to commenting you make yourself look either stupid or ignorant.

  • Karen Peters

    Highly unlikely since the Daily Currant is a satire site.

  • Ken Peavey

    Karma is a bitch

  • Bruster6

    I would have stood next to him in a firefighter suit and holding a fire hose watching it burn to the ground too…….idiot.

  • Robert Owen

    no comment LoL

  • Phedra Posch

    What an idiot!!!! He got what he deserved.

  • Bill O’Reilly

    IDK, maybe the person who managed to get two grammatical errors into a sentence of only ten words?

  • Bill O’Reilly

    Yep. If you watch enough Fox News, you end up believing stories like this. You’ve already been primed to swallow nonsense without actually thinking about it.

  • Paula Hines

    no…if you weren’t such a dumbass, you will still have a home. Should have stayed home instead of being out protesting

  • farkinaround

    I call bullhockey on this story.

  • Guest

    Oh my gosh I am laughing [i didn’t want to but the laughter hit the brain before I could stop it], not because this is funny. Someone elses building or home could have been burnt, or someone killed.

    First – FERGUSON doesn’t have a 7-11 [that I know of]

    Second – HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW YOUR OWN HOME versus a building; unless you were intoxicated or high or both, maybe?

    Third – You wouldn’t have needed the FERGUSON FIRE DEPARTMENT if YOU hadn’t thrown the fire into your OWN home.

    Fourth – Go ahead and sue. If you didn’t know it was your own home you set fire to until it was flaming, YOU probably opened your mouth and told the FFD that you were protesting and caused said fire YOURSELF.

    Fifth – Go ahead and sue… I will be one of the first people shaking my head, laughing when the story appears AGAIN saying YOUR suit was thrown out of court.

    Sixth – Waiting to see if YOU are brought up on felony charges YOURSELF.

    What is racist about what YOU did? It had been broadcast, all over the news, that fire departments have been VERY BUSY and have been going to fires IF they had police with them.


  • dwight schrute

    Unfortunately we’re talking about reverend al to whom facts are not required.

  • How does one fight this type of idiocy?

  • The Good Bad N Fucked

    Lol This is not a real article guys. Calm down. As much as you want to believe how stupid he was. This is satire. Carry on and enjoy the laugh but no one is that stupid.

  • Guest

    umn when you called did you tell them you were black?Hello? 911? i am black and my house is burning down,can you come? oh and by the way,I set it on fire.

    hope his insurance doesnt pay out on this one,.

  • JaydeinTexas

    please tell me this is satire.

  • Guest

    You F-ing dope. You set your own house on fire and then want the fire dept to rush to your aid. There’s that old “I’m the victim” deal that many people have when they get in trouble.
    Fact is, you dope, that’s arson and your butt should be heading to jail. It’s a felony fool.

  • Jodi Frankenbach

    A reminder to all: All jest is based on fact. What is being proved by the extreme?

  • derbradster

    Satirical content befitting the Onion or Duffel Blog! Still laughing!

  • We think you are still punking us – double, no triple, sarcasm?

  • John

    I just had to laugh at this article! What an idiot! If the fire dept was too busy putting out other fires, its probably fires he helped start. Now he “accidentally” burns down his own house, admits he is a arsonist, and wonders why his home is not on the priority list? Now, he will probably call himself a victim of racial violence. LMAO!

  • Greendayer

    Must be an Onion article. No one can be that stupid

  • TerrynHouston

    This article is just stupid. Why is this man not charged with an arson and put away.

  • MrRagu

    I wish sites like this would leave the satire to The Onion because what we don’t need now is more fake sites to stupify the already stupid population of this country into thinking these stupid stories are true. smh. find a new hobby will you please, I know it is easier to make up fake stories than to actually report real news but should be expected from the lazy society we are part of.

  • Linda Stevens Mussaw

    I almost bit and replied to this, until I realized it was from The Daily Current.

  • disqus_vCB2Ql3N3J

    You can’t make this crap up! These people are just as stupid as they are selfish and racist. I laughed so had I cried while reading this!

  • Mother_of_4_Original

    No, if it weren’t for your own racist violence you’d still have a home.

  • デビス先生

    No, it really isn’t believable, but you continue to believe that. Whatever qualifies your outlook.

  • デビス先生

    Nah, I’m going to keep laughing at all the non blacks that hungrily come on this site eager to chastise the black community. Use whatever means to remove your dissonance.

  • Jeremy Holmes

    “Most of these morons in Ferguson stay stoned so I wouldn’t put it past them”

    – One of the most ignorant comments I’ve read. How many people from Ferguson do you know? You live in Kentucky, most of those morons can’t even read, so I at least congratulate you for finding your way to the one library left in the state and stumbling onto the internet.

  • デビス先生

    Hate blinds them so they can’t see. It’s so funny how they’re so eager to judge and call out blacks, overlooking how retarded it all sounds. They see blacks that way,so they defend their stupidity by saying, “I can see this happening anyway.” Right, ok.

  • デビス先生

    Just saying, most of the morons falling for it are white/non black. They want so badly to believe poorly of a certain group they’ll fall for this stuff every time.

  • Brad

    Karma is a BITCH, aint it?

  • kapgg

    His house is gone, and now he should be arrested for arson. I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

  • CaptainMurphy

    Only believable to dumbass people. You really really have to be a generally stupid person to believe this story. Like… there is no hope for you, you are just a stupid human being.

    As a matter of fact, this story would be a great litmus test to tell whether or not someone is stupid. If you believed it you are definitely stupid.

  • CaptainMurphy

    Man, you really have to be on a dangerous level of stupid and racist to believe this story.

  • Liss

    I saw it linked on Facebook, read the article and did have to double-check that it was satire… either because I am a dumbass or I am so jaded that I will never be surprised at people’s stupidity again.

  • CuriousMeJax

    Karma can sometimes be a wonderful thing lol

  • Al Sheda

    <3 🙂 (Y) O:)



    UMM, UM!

    <3 🙂 (Y) O:)

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    Dude, fake news site.

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    Dude, fake news site. You got got.

  • vdetillion

    This fool got what he deserved.

  • Xscilune


  • maclll

    Wow, I thought this was written by the Onion. I was expecting a punchline any minute. Damn these people are stupid.

  • California Granny

    No, my good man! You don’t have a home because you were intent on destruction and weren’t paying attention so you set the first yourself. Did you think those firemen were sitting around just waiting for your house to catch fire? They were busy because you and your neighbors were out of control.

  • TammiMoore99999

    I hope after seeing this story, this man’s boyfriend gives him a good long night of lovin’. In a hotel obviously.

  • bill


  • Whiteberry

    I am amazed every day that some blacks in this country complain about racism while they practice and promote it themselves. Does the word hypocrisy fit this scenerio?

  • Iknowbetter

    Ya lets blame it on the firefighters you dumba**

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    I’d like to think that this a satirical article, however, if not then all I’ve got to say is karma’s a bitch.

  • John Montysko

    That’s what crack will do to your mind.

  • Robert Lindsey

    I do not know about this one, but I did see aguy (who happened to be black skined) smash his car to a pulp because he could get a wheel lug loose after a flat tire. All the people watching said about the same thing, it is his car

  • Eduardo Esteban Estes

    Hopefully they charge him with arson. What a prime display of being a stupid idiot!!!

  • Edward

    My Money was more on, they set something on fire a bit further down the road and it just hopped down. Making this more a bitter reference to Karma then ignorance.

  • Byron Oyler

    People are burning their own town down because they disagree with a decision and facts of a forensic exam so burning one’s own house down is not to far fetched.

  • proudrat

    I’m convinced that some people just don’t have functioning brains. What moron would be part of a riot that burns down dozens of businesses then get mad at the fire department for not responding fast enough? He can’t help it. His brain doesn’t work!

  • JusticeRebel

    Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  • Valerie
  • CaptainMurphy

    Yeah, if you are stupid. Which it sounds like you definitely are.

  • Guest


  • S8demon

    You may all be smirking now, but when Obama replaces his house for him, we will all pay towards that replacement

  • Crystal Neeley

    The moron would have a home if he wouldn’t have put it on fire! It’s not the fire departments fault he is a stupid idiot! It’s his own fault! What an idiot!

  • Rod Serling

    the strange thing is, you can tell the guy in the pic is not black. his pants are a dead givaway

  • Mary Brown

    This is why a subset of blacks in this country will never advance beyond savages.

  • blackyb

    Using drugs and starting fires makes for bad mistakes. Ha Ha. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Anyone would have to be drunk or drugged to mistake their own house as a ‘convenience store.’ What a freaking idiot.

  • blackyb

    Maybe we are playing a ‘gruber’ game.

  • Guest

    HaaaaaaHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I mean, what a DOUCHE! Swear to God, when I first read this I thought it was from The Onion!!

  • Bryan

    Here’s hoping his insurance company gets wind of this story.

  • Don Ruder


  • Rusty Blake

    If it weren’t for a certain racist arsonist, he’d have a home. If it wasn’t for a bunch of racist arsonists, they wouldn’t be too busy with other fires to respond to his. If the racist arsonists that were setting all of the fires weren’t also shooting at the firemen with automatic weapons, maybe there would be enough volunteers cover everything, too.

    He pays their salaries? I seriously doubt that…he’s a taker, not a maker, after all. I really, really hope that he sues, and this story gets a follow up. An idiot that is so stoned (illegal act) that he can’t tell his house from a 7-11, and sets it on fire (felony act)…there’s not a jury in the world that side for him.

  • Bob Crawford

    The comments in this story seem to darn stupid to be real.

  • mossonrocks


    Lots of interesting comments on a satire site

  • rubicat

    I chastise stupid entitled people. Sometimes stupid people are black. Sometimes they’re Asian. And I like pie.

  • infadelicious

    omg!!! Gruberite burns his own house down………..ha ha ha ha.. Moronic dullard doesn’t begin to cover this guy. Mother Nature is culling the stupid herd a little too slowly these days. in this video we see the islamic nutjob version of the Ferguson arsonist/criminal/homeless man. -Yeah, we know it’s satire but really it is believable because of all the stupidity being shoveled out and eaten up as truth. http://youtu.be/dstGdAHGL30
    Good stuff

  • Mike Oster

    This is what racism in America looks like? No this is what a moron in America looks like. Cant distinguish his house from a 7/11? Wow Go home and do more drugs. Oh wait he has no more home.

  • This story is a little too good to be true. Color me skeptical. He mistook his own house for a convenience store?

  • Tierney May

    Look , a racist that doesn’t get satire!

  • Tierney May

    Satire dear, satire.

  • Tierney May

    Seriously, did they skip critical thinking in your school?

  • Tierney May

    The Currant is a satire site.

  • kg


  • Jim Trent

    Obviously you have missed the mental giants who have looted stores and then will stop and wave in front of a tv camera while holding the items they stole. Or how about the geniuses who post on facebook about crimes they committed with video showing them doing it.

    I don’t think you have seen much of the criminal stupidity. This story is completely believable with the morons they have as criminals now.

  • Bob Bates

    A real Darwin Award candidate

  • Adam of Portland

    “If it weren’t for those racist firefighters I’d still have a home,” he says.

    No, if you were not such an idiot, no matter what your skin color, then you would still have a home.

    I’m a total liberal and even I think this guy got what he deserved.

  • gsphillips1

    “They told me they were too busy with other fires to come help,” he lamented. “I couldn’t believe it. I mean we pay these people’s salaries! What do you mean you’re too busy?”

    Now that is funny…. he’s upset because they are busy putting out fires that he set elsewhere. This article just made my day!

  • Mazzif Fizzam

    Seriously not surprised at all the controversy over a satire article…But then again you all think ‘Hands Up’ was a thing.

  • Dan Sullivan

    This is the poster boy for black protesters, an arsonist who burns his own house down during a riot, then gets upset when the fire department is already completely dispatched putting out the fires he and his ilk started. Time to thin the herd, we are maintaining too many stupids who cannot even take care of themselves nor are they willing to even try.

  • Jerbear3

    What a idiot this man is, Idea, so he can excape American racism, and they even say it makes them like slaves, I say we should load them up on a boat and take them to Africa and set them free! Yes be kind to them, treat them great all the way to Africa, and then they can rob, burn and wave stupid signs there and feel at home, yes lets free them…

  • Guest

    great example of two things..stupidity and victim mentality

  • Jerbear3

    You hit the spot! Can
    you imagine burning your own place down. I guess if you are so stupid to wave silly
    signs and loot places you’ll do about anything. Yes you are 100% right.

  • Guest

    I certainly hope his insurance company is aware of the cause of this fire and doesn’t cover it.

  • Jerbear3

    No, don’t arrest him or the other idiots there, lets load them on boats and take them to Africa and set them free, they say Slavery is still alive, I say set them free, no one needs to be a slave, set them free in Africa.

  • Jerbear3

    No, it means there are idiots that will pull this nonsense and they are nut cases who want to cause trouble. You would think they would know better then write this garbage.

  • Jim

    Oh, my bad. He was just following instructions…..Burn this bitch down….so he did.

  • Pooua

    This site is a satire news site. None of these stories are real.

  • Sandy Fullhart Boleyn

    You burn your Bridges(house) don’t expect help putting the flames out til you are willing to help others you have burned. remember a burn leaves a scar as a reminder

  • Gwynhvar

    Disagree. If you remember the riots of the Sixties, burning down their own neighborhoods is exactly what happened (they being whoever was rioting). It also appears that the same thing is still going on here.

  • Myron

    *Cough Cough*
    Only taxpayers pay the salaries of the Emergency Workers, as well as the politicians. Are you a taxpayer?
    P.S. I remember back when LA was having its riots; every firefighting team had to have at least one armed member to protect the rest from the rioters.

  • Dumbass deserves it. QUICK! Somebody grab a bucket of gasoline!

  • Concerned American

    You DUMB SOB you shouldn’t be out setting Fires in the 1st Damn Place you got what you deserved LMAO!!! And because YOU Burnt your Own Home now it has to be a Racist Statement. Do I need to say anything else.

  • WrinkledThought

    There are analphabetic morons and then there are anthropomorphic simians. Obviously this is an example of analphabetic moron anthropomorphic simian fecal matter.

  • videosho

    I would put his but in prison for arson. What a stupid person. A civil lawsuit, charge him for wasting the courts time. Racism! I don’t care this man should not be allowed on our streets.

  • CryptoReporter

    When you go to vote next time at least read the “about us” section for each candidate instead of voting based on what you are “fed”.

  • Dan Williams

    Kind of hard to feel pity for him.

  • LHTwist

    “A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”
    What a sense of entitlement!!
    It was black people who had set the entire town ablaze and he thinks they should have dropped everything they were doing, which amounted to trying to save other properly while blind to the ownership of those buildings.
    I think it’s fitting since he was intentionally firing the property of others and he should be arrested for arson since he’s admitted his actions. There’s not doubt there’ll be no insurance payment, if there was any coverage in the first place.

  • Ruthie Lewis

    Sadly, being the voice of reason is useless these days. People love being outraged and won’t bother to check facts before they go off on their ill-informed rants. Points for trying, though.

  • Ron P

    although satire, this story is – like it or not – within the realm of possibility… when mob mentality takes over, anything is possible

  • L Ron Gardner

    Maybe this song will help the Ferguson protester. LOL.

  • TIMedWork

    Doing a Google search, I find that there is no Ferguson Post-Gazette. I think that this story is a spoof. A good one, and not far from the reality of the situation, and the perverted attitudes that brought it all about. Nevertheless, this particular story appears to be a ruse.

  • Guest

    Who says there’s no justice in Ferguson? Of course, there’s only 1 chance in 100 that the Tyler Jackson owned the house he burned down. He is more likely a renter and only burned down the house where he (in that peculiar urban black parlance) “stays.” Let’s hope that he is at this minute incarcerated awaiting trial on arson charges.

  • Worst for him, he was renting and will most likely now since airing his complaints live, will be charged with arson…
    And just to think that, they get even more dumber than this is mind numbing….

  • Malcom Treadway

    Still using that “unarmed black teenager” bullshit? Screw the Daily Current.

  • Rayne Art

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper. In other words, NOT TRUE

  • Elise Negrin

    They are their own worst enemy.

  • loydarebel

    my negro

  • loydarebel

    culture’s and it’s been here from the
    start of the country, you can take the negro
    out of africa but chu can’t take the african
    out of the negro.

  • Guest

    Ha they should charge him with arson and if he tries to file an insurance claim nail him for fraud. Really that is probably what he intended all along. Burn his house down and then blame the fire department then file an insurance claim.

  • loydarebel

    electing black folk’s to office is not that bad,
    i mean we do get a laugh out of it, take that
    guy from georgia ‘hank johnson’ he was afraid
    that if we put anymore troop’s on this island,
    he thought that the island might tip over
    into the ocean, i mean you gotta love it
    but a liberal one ask to run the country,
    now that crap will not ever happen again.
    ”any liberal” don’t care what color they are.

  • loydarebel

    he never thought that far ahead,
    i mean what a dumbazz.

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    The sad thing is this story could have really happened.

  • Edward Lozano

    Although the article may be satirical, wouldn’t be surprised if it actually would happen…..

  • Shane OBrien

    And you can’t help it that you fell for this story! It made up goof!

  • T G

    This is the feel good story of the week. Better than when the Mooslim suicide bombers prematurely go on their date with the 72 virgins…

    If he files a racial discrimination suit, I hope the judge can stop laughing long enough to fine him for bringing a frivolous action…

  • loydarebel

    the president will talk about ferguson today,
    for what,, am i missing something here,
    do you have any idea what you voted for,
    this is the guy you voted for, it’s kinda scarey.

  • Ribbey


  • loydarebel


  • armchair_warrior


  • wayne

    It’s a joke….get over it….damn, people…..lighten up…

  • Alucard_the_last

    Boo hoo. I’m glad it lost everything. I’m sure it is our fault.

  • Renellin

    One might think you would be correct, but these people have already so surpassed our believability for any kind of brains that we simply accept the stupidest of circumstances, and this isn’t the stupidest by far.

  • Neal Palmquist

    Okay. We believed a lie and that makes us racist. So how about this story, then? Am I racist to assume the woman was white? http://fox13now.com/2014/11/24/woman-says-were-ready-for-ferguson-accidentally-shoots-self-in-head/

  • Renellin

    It’s a great story, though, and totally believable based on that community’s behavior so far.

  • Renellin

    No. You have to believe the people in that town are unbelievably stupid. The dead 18 year old–unbelievably stupid. Of course there are plenty of ‘ordinary’ people there as well, but they don’t get plastered across the air waves 24/7. I don’t find it implausible at all, given what I have seen and read about those committing violence in Ferguson.

  • Renellin

    I have never heard of it, though there’s a clue in its title.

  • Renellin

    The next story will be him telling his landlord some whopper and then wanting to collect on all the weed that miraculously came into being and then burned from insurance.

  • Renellin

    But quite funny!

  • Renellin

    It doesn’t seem to be a particularly well known satire site, so give people a break. Whether real or not, it was a hilarious article. Get over yourself already.

  • Renellin

    So if blacks came here and thought it was funny, that would be okay, right? You are a racist. ‘Eager to chastise the black community’ my a$$! In case you hadn’t noticed, quite a lot of the ‘black community’ is condemning this STUPID violent behavior, and would not be any more surprised than we to find some ig’n’int burned down his own house.

  • SicaBixby

    OH MY GOD! The stupidity of this one man has no bounds. I smacked myself in the head so hard over the disbelief of his overwhelming stupidity that I damn near knocked myself out!

    I’m sorry sir, but your house would not be on fire if you had not burned it down. Insurance will not cover that. You’re too late to blame it on someone else. How do you mistake your home for a 7 Eleven. Don’t they have signs?

  • jmdsc1 .

    Arrest him for Arson – no insurance will pay out for it.

  • Zaire67

    Good luck collecting on that insurance claim.

  • AWCheney

    Karma strikes again! 🙂

  • Me

    This is the funniest story I have read in quite some time. Maybe it will be a teachable moment for him. Naw, being a chimp he will NEVER take responsibility for his own actions. And of course, he is considering suing. It will be laughed out of court. But they are always trying to win the “N*99*r Lotto”.

  • Roxiecolorado

    paybacks are a real bitch aren’t they?

  • Renellin

    It’s just a joke, but I found it immensely hilarious, and absolutely believable!

  • that’s not what racism looks like, it’s what stupidity looks like. and i can’t stop laughing!

  • PieMan

    I don’t know if this is a real story but damn it’s believable!!!! And then of course these Morons vote early and often!

  • clinton

    This idiot is that special kind of stupid that couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel. Of course this isn’t actually from the Daily Caller but from the Daily Currant so at best this is just wishful thinking and good for a huge chuckle.

  • Bob Ratcliff

    Dream on. Look at the fine print of your house insurance policy. Damage initiated by the owner is NOT covered under insurance losses. Regarding this lawsuit against the fire department for not rushing out to HIS home that HE set on fire – our courts of overflowing with junk lawsuits. Firemen are hired to put out fires. They’re not hired for doing it with guns blazing. This Thanksgiving this once home owner cooked his own goose.

  • Ok… This article is SATIRE people! Funny but not true. Like everything on this site… http://www.kjv-truth-ministries.org

  • lethalenoki

    John, do you spend your life on Disqus? You comment on every Drudge story I ever see, but amazingly I find you on another random comment page. Maybe you’re not just one person. Contracted conservative shill, perhaps?

    Moreover, while you are calling others “stoopid”, you are simultaneously blissfully unaware that you are doing so on a satire site, demonstrating that you are completely ignorant of the fact that such a news story is obviously completely bogus. I believe this adequately calls into question your reading comprehension and ability to analyze a news story at large.

    It’s called the Dunning–Kruger effect. I am quite confident that you are a sufferer of this cognitive bias with regard to said analysis and reading comprehension. The sad thing is, even when it is brought to your attention, you will continue on in your incompetence, likely living your entire life completely unknowing that everyone around you with just the slightest ability to cogitate in any depth finds you absolutely insufferable.

    I have seen your comments on articled linked to via Drudge Report. Believe me, if these comments are any indication of your mental fortitude at all, the words I have typed above are the most accurate things I have ever written.

    Why am I being so vitriolic? It’s called balance. The amount of vitriolic drivel you spew against the oppressed is saddening beyond belief. You need to be seen for what you are. An incompetent, lonely, bigot, whose sole goal in life is to post the equivalent of a glorified “FIRST POST” on any news article linked to or written by conservative leaning “journalists”.

  • E. Newton

    The fire department needs to buy him a new house. They have to come when called, especially because he is an African-american and more at risk. At this time of the year, African-americans can freeze more easily. I hope President Obama invites this man to the white house, he is a national hero and a civil rights icon.

  • John (magnum)

    Worry about your own life and not everyone elses.

    What I do with my time, is MY business and ONLY my business.

    Post about the story and not other posters and get effing lost idiot !!

  • Doris Kline


  • Raincolle

    If you are a drudge fan, that I would not be surprised if you actually take this site seriously. You really can not fix stupid, but you can expose it as this site does very well. The take away of this satirical news article is that destroying and setting fire to your own community is likened to doing so to your own home.

  • sdevil84

    You can litigate STUPIDITY

  • Raincolle

    This site is the online news version of Punk’d.

  • CaptainMurphy

    “Dead 18 year old- unbelievably stupid”

    Very tasteful.

  • jrford

    That is absolutely hilarious!

  • Miraclewhip515

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at how absurd this is. But finally wound up laughing until I cried. Can you say “Karma”?

  • MeeshaWoodstock

    I hope they arrested him for arson…

  • Imtoooldforthis

    This is such a fine picture of stupidity. I don’t think I’ve seen better. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face:) Go Ferguson!! show us more of your upstanding protestors because this has become fun and the idiot can’t collect homeowners insurance. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • disqus_at95K9bcZs

    I think BHO would believe this story and then ask some govt dept to provide financial relief for this poor protester. A tried and true Democrate meme.

  • Gabrielle Nicole Poor

    Even as satire, this is in poor taste. Who are you trying to defend? What are you trying to do? Are you satirizing black people being offended and or calling things racist? because that’s what it looks like and it;s really stupid.

  • The Stargeezer

    Okay everyone, let’s take a deep breath and a step back. It is obvious that everyone responding here is not aware that the source of the above bit is the “Daily Current.” A fake news source that post information only for the sarcastic value. If you take the time to–or have the basic intelligence to know how to–check out the Daily Current you will see posted quite plainly in the Question and Answer page the following:

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

    So, everybody get off your high horse and your moral high ground and just quit it, the only people ROFL around here are the people who first put this stuff out, they are laughing at our stupidity. I hereby relinquish my soap box. 🙁

  • poorhardworker

    You cannot fix stupid…

  • Marge

    Yes, I was hooked. didn’t like it very much. I had no idea this was a satirical site, nor did I know there were any. The only fake news I knew about was The Daily Show. Why would they waste their time, energy and talent on creating faux news just to waste people’s time and to trick them. This is senseless. There’s enough bullshit in this world. We shouldnt’ have to fricken research every damn story ever printed or posted. Sure the story of him saying it was dark and he got turned around and thought he was burning down a 7/11 was unbelievable, but people will do anything, or say anything for ins. or to find a reason to sue or to get people riled about race again. With his comment about the firefighters being racist and he’s suing. So, it’s a plausible story.

  • Well, when your whole town is up in flames and you’re stuck in a mindless mob mentality, it is REAL easy to buy this story…

  • Skycrest

    if he really do burn his own home, i say let him have it…. he only care about himself, if he just stop and think on how his action affect others he most probably would not even do it.. If the 7-11 is the one who got burn, would he even care…. if he wouldn’t, why should anyone else care about him..

  • Guest

    He will have a place to live. Arson is a crime and the prison is waiting.

  • Ralph E Kelley

    The truth will set you free but you will still be an idiot.

  • nicoal

    Yeah, f* the police/fire dept./emergency services, etc…until you need them. Then they better come to your place first or it’s racism.

  • Chris Garner
  • Mike Weiss

    His house wasn’t the only one burning, and the firefighters were a little busy. If he didn’t want it to burn he shouldn’t have set it on fire. Whites are called racist, white devil etc. but then are expected to apologize or go out of their way to help other races? Bit of a contradiction in those expectations, makes you wonder if deep down they are truly believed. If I thought someone was the devil and they hated me I wouldn’t expect them to help me in any way. I have no sympathy for arsonists, perhaps the firefighters were putting out the house of a peaceful demonstrator instead, or a local business.

  • Mike Weiss

    I’ve seen real police reports about people reporting that their stolen goods were stolen (they get immediately arrested). I’ve seen illegal drugs (usually cannabis) listed in police reports as items stolen. People have gone into police stations to claim their illegal firearms. The story sounds wacky, but is it beyond the realm of possibility? Probably not. I’m glad I don’t deal with that stuff anymore, too stressful. Even so, now that I’ve thought about it, it is probably a hoax, or half true, like a rioter’s house could have been lit up while he was torching something else. The emotional reaction to the story is understandable, even if the tale is false, the audacity it describes is everywhere.

  • Mike Weiss

    The reason I believed it at first was because such stupidity is out there. There are people who think they can form their own countries on their farm, people who think they don’t have to pay taxes, people who film themselves committing crimes, post the crime on Facebook, then wondering why they are caught. Yes, there are people out there stupid enough to burn their house down with a firebomb then talk to the media about it. No doubt about it.

  • Mike Weiss

    Most people don’t completely read posts that include “see more,” and where can I get a job as one of those Conservative trolls? How much does it pay?

  • Renellin

    The truth hurts. You couldn’t possibly dispute the fact. He caused his own death, whether he was so high, or whether he was just a thoughtless thug who thought he ruled the world and was above the law, or maybe he just didn’t think and didn’t care. His actions were unbelievably stupid, and it’s unbelievably stupid that someone ‘worked’ 18 years on the boy, and that’s all they got–a horrible waste who didn’t just die, but destroyed another man’s career, cost his town thousands upon thousands in damages and started a movement which is also stupid, given the circumstances.
    He was not tasteful, and the whole situation is not tasteful, but that doesn’t make it unfactual.

  • rob420bie

    Are you new to this country? You could find probably find a dozen legitimate stories this week that are far more insane than this one. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Full-Metal

    This is bait.

  • Maya Pinion

    Um, hello? Personal responsibility, anyone?

  • Jerry Nicholas

    Can this bozo be any more stupid? He burned down his own friggin house. Get over it. Call your insurance company and tell them you threw a Molotov Cocktail into your front window. See what they say about setting your own house on fire. Oh, no insurance. Oh well.

  • FallingRoc


  • Sammie Jo

    Y’all do know this is not true, this is a satire paper.

    Still funny and most definitely could happen just as written. lol

    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Not even idiots would think like this. Hey, these people vote and they breed. Do we have any hope?

  • anAmericanMom

    –“A black person’s house burns down and suddenly you’re ‘too busy’ to put the fire out? This is what racism in America looks like.”–
    Black Person burns down his own house and cries racism..
    Racism? Lol.

    No this is what STUPID looks like in America. Stop bringing the rest of us into your idiocy.

  • anAmericanMom

    Fable or not. One with way too much truth behind it. Like the flag burners who catch fire.

  • WhoMe

    These people aren’t the brightest in the universe that’s for sure.

  • Intrepid

    That dumb yard ape wants to scream about racism? The white community should be screaming because he is not in jail for arson.

  • I am Second

    This is the definition of poetic justice. The fire department was busy putting out fired that this man set…..why would he be a priority?

  • JohnnyCuredents

    No, the truly sad thing is that it didn’t.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    Why no hope? Why believable only to dumbass people? After all, millions were duped by Obama’s PR campaign in ’07. Many believe he’s smart even to this day!

  • JohnnyCuredents

    And in your book the hood was what, smart? It’s a bad idea to come to a gunfight with a knife; Michael upped the ante and came with ….nothing but his massive fists. Certainly sounds unbelievably stupid to me.

  • Ron Allen

    If the firefighters weren’t so busy putting out fires set by these jokers they may have had time to go to his own.

  • Endoxa52

    Karma is a bitch, brotha.

  • Rob H.

    Give this man a Nobel peace prize!

  • frank jackson

    Since he is burning his own house down, doesn’t this come in as Arson?

  • who cares

    insurance fraud

  • Frank Vinson

    No those “racist firefighters” are not racist. they just dont like stupid people.

    I hope he gets charged with Arson

  • evilahole2

    your post… oh, the irony.

  • evilahole2

    but it’s on the internets so it must be true! you’re such a troll

  • Figures

    No. The author had it right. That exactly sums up the race problem in America.

  • EK21

    Too bad this story is FALSE !!! Please read the link below so all you race haters and race baiters can put this to rest !!!


    You’re welcome !!!

  • scarpen8

    This has to be some sort of embellished story or partially fictitious. I mean, God I hope it is.

  • Only goes to show the intelligence of these protesters.

    Karma’s a b*tch! lol…………………………:-)


  • Guest

    How do you not know your own house from a 7-11?! Seriously?! The building didnt look a hint familiar?!

  • skoot skoot

    What goes around, comes around.

  • RAPTOR555

    LMAO This is the best example of karma, liberal logic and ignorance that I’ve seen in many years. It will even be better after he’s charged with arson. I just wonder if he had homeowner insurance on the place and will try to collect on it and be charged with insurance fraud, also. Like Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  • Bibliophilist


  • True or not, the story does point a finger at the extremes racism can take.

  • You can’t imagine situations with more irony that this.

  • 4902950E9

    What a total dumbass! He must be one of the most stupid individuals, or actually the most stupid individual in Ferguson! Really funny!

  • capers2

    When is Tyler Jackson going to be charged with arson?

  • dp

    No, real stupidity is an arsonist who sets fire to his own home and has twice voted for Barry with a hope that the Federal Government will still provide disaster money to rebuild it.

  • Kathy Andersen


  • b1aflatoxin

    The story is obviously fake, but sadly the racist author is not.

    Whats next, a lame fictional account of a thief tripping over an armful of stolen watermelons? Stop writing stories that only racists find funny.

  • Ken Huntley

    Hoot Hoot. Here comes the karma train…

  • Victor Cachat

    Said the racist.
    Go back to Huffpo.

  • joshuasweet

    well the whole of the riots destroyed the only business with in walking distances that serviced their area , and they are wondering why they can not get stores in the area

  • Ana

    How’s that for poetic justice?!

  • Truth Slinger
  • SeanW

    Hey now that was really funny. Love a great sense of humor.
    Unfortunately Scott doesn’t know what LOL means.

  • What makes such satire biting is the semblance of underlying truth. Protesters burn down their own town, and then blame others.

  • cspanjunkie1

    wow, I bet Obama will call him and ask us to pay for his house

  • Ted Koran

    Burns down own house and calls firefighters racist??? MORON!!!

  • alrui

    Has this fool been arrested for arson yet? I doubt it….

  • dp

    I think we all got it CW. What we are commenting on are the ridiculous possibilities that COULD happen with this administration in control.

  • Lkoehn

    He should have “LOSER” tattooed across his forehead if he really exists.

  • Algul

    More like Dumb Ars’n

  • Ashred

    It’s sad that people think that this site is legitimate. This thing has been shared so many times it’s crazy. You might as well get your news from the onion while you’re at it.

  • Guest

    You just can’t fix stupid and this one is a special kind of stupid.

  • What’s Up?

    Al the trolls I know about are liberals.

  • What’s Up?

    There was even a couple who took their child with them while they looted a liquor store.

  • What’s Up?

    You are rude!!!

  • Jack Ralph


    The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world

  • Mike Weiss

    Not all, but since I’m pegged as right-wing they’re the ones that usually respond to me.

  • Amy Lou Agresta

    i just watched bo dietl reference this story on neil cavuto.
    what a dingbat.

  • ELefevre

    You can’t cure ‘stupid…’

  • Eddie

    Karma is a bitch and now she is laughing after you burn your own house…love it!

  • Bob Roseman

    Hopefully he gets arrested for attempted Arson, since the idiot admitted he planned on committing a crime when he thought it was a 7-11. If it wasn’t for the fires set by your fellow protestors, maybe the fire department would have been available. I’m just glad your stupid and this is a good example of Karma.

  • GraceW

    There is no such paper as the Ferguson Post-Gazette. I googled it and found nothing. However, given the menality and the rampant racism in Ferguson, this is entirely believable. And just because no one wrote about it, I truly wonder how many of them set fire to their own shantys? I say if we airdrop thousands of job applications down on them, the crowd would immediately disperse.

  • GraceW

    I sure not as much as Comrade Obozo or George Soros, his Communist mentor, would pay.

  • GraceW

    And he tried to grab the policeman’s gun. He got what was coming to him. Another one of Obozo’s kids bites the dust.

  • No the saddest thing is that you think it is believable!

  • mishong

    This is a parody site

  • Brick

    This is the kind of story I’d expect from the Onion! But, if it is real the only question I can ask is why hasn’t Tyler Jackson been arrested and charged with arson?

  • Jimmy_Russells

    That just shows good parenting. Probably couldn’t find a babysitter because they were all busy looting and they didn’t want to leave the kids home alone while they were making their voices for change heard.

  • What’s Up?

    I hope your comment was sarcasm.

  • Forever wild

    There is no cure nor any sympathy for stupid.

  • dltaylor51

    If only Obama had a son!

  • SPAlumni

    And what was he high on?????

  • anotherview2

    What goes around comes around. Man up to your own dumbassedness. Live with it. You did the deed to yourself.

  • The Ferguson protestors can’t read, either.

  • You’re giving them too much credit. They don’t get babysitters and don’t care if their children are left alone. Happens all the time.

  • Yes. A currant is a fruit, by the way.

  • Murphy, you’d have to be a dumbass to think this story couldn’t happen!

  • But true!

  • No, the saddest thing is that you think it’s not believable.

  • デビス先生

    Don’t project your feelings on me. I care little for the inane emotions of people who get worked up over race. From the moment I got into the article, it sounded stupid. Naturally, I went to the comment section to see the expected. Exactly what I listed. I care even less about blacks who engage in the chastising of their own race to appear progressive. Believe whatever you want to qualify your notions.

  • Renellin

    My skepticism goes to how these people could riot to begin with and Congresspeople are so stupid that they don’t want to know about evidence, they just want to be part of the ‘struggle’. Burning down their own houses is exactly what many in the black community have been doing for decades, so no, it’s not as much a stretch as you might think.
    Whether it had been satire or not, I still found the article funny as heck.

  • Renellin

    I also find the article hilarious, true or not.

  • Renellin

    We all know a few though, now, don’t we? We know that some dudes in Ferguson walk the streets while high, rob stores, act in a manner to attract attention, not caring that they’re packing their stash on their person. Totally not an ignorant comment at all. You have some pretty nasty things about the folks making our bourbon, and in doing so you have made the exact same type comment that you accuse Jeremy of.

  • Renellin

    In fact, it was probably the child who was looting and they were following the child to see where the best loot was.

  • Renellin

    So wrong. Setting your own house and fire and then turning your loss into a racial issue wouldn’t be the stupidest thing to happen in this town recently–not by a long shot.

  • coloradobear

    This is exactly the kind of people who vote for people like Obama. This is a prime example of the black racist who calls everyone else racist when his own stupidity comes out. Too bad he didn’t run into the house and stay there.

  • sfcmac

    The trouble is, that given the idiotic protestors in places like Ferguson, the satire has a strong sense of credibility.

  • VitalArea

    That’s simply hilarious.

  • VitalArea

    I think that may be the most upclicks I’ve ever seen and so very well deserved. Good job.

  • Well said!

  • Kenneth Clark

    They should have sent the police to arrest him for arson.

  • brenda johnson

    Don’t know why I am shocked at this mans stupidity, and they are breeding!

  • Netizen_James

    Why, there are even people stupid enough to think that they can graze their cattle on public lands for free…..oh, wait….! N_J