georgie-thompson-hot-british-newscasterA Fox News pundit suffered a brain aneurysm while trying to argue both sides of the classic conservative conundrum regarding Thanksgiving/Black Friday: family or business.

Making her Fox News debut on “The Five,” Dionne Davenport – Republican strategist and former Ms. California pageant winner – broke down as the panel debated the controversial Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when stores mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season by opening early Friday or on Thanksgiving day and offer major discounts.... Read More →


palinumbrellaSarah Palin reminded a national television audience this morning to use their umbrellas during today's solar storm.

The former Alaskan governor appeared on Fox and Friends to promote her new children's book on how the liberal media is destroying America.  Midway though the interview, anchor Brian Kilmeade took a minute to update the audience on a breaking news story.... Read More →


sterlingbigLA Clippers owner Donald Sterling may be losing control of his NBA franchise, but he’s already got at least one firm job offer after his professional sports franchise days are over.

According to sources close to the situation, Fox News has offered the controversial billionaire a Saturday evening talk show where he can share his views on race, gender relations, class warfare and the economy.... Read More →


NSApulitzerThe National Security Agency has won a prestigious Pulitzer Prize for its domestic surveillance program.

According to prize judges the NSA was recognized because it has “collected more information and broke more news stories than any newspaper, magazine or website in existence.”... Read More →



Comedian and TV host Nick Cannon defended his decision to dress up in white face from accusations of racism by claiming he has a white best friend.

“Look, people, how can I possibly be racist when one of my best friends is white?” Cannon told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the controversy. “He’s totally cool with me dressing up as a white guy. We tight like that.”

... Read More →


knighthoaxThe man who started the Internet hoax that Seinfeld star Wayne Knight had died was himself found dead in his Atlanta apartment this morning.

46-year-old Dylan Murphy posted a fake news report last week on his website which claimed that Knight -- who played Newman on the venerable 1990s sitcom -- had been killed in a car accident.... Read More →


stasi15n-4-webAlec Baldwin stoked more controversy today by using a gay slur to describe CNN host Anderson Cooper.

Interviewed by TMZ outside his New York apartment, the film and television star was asked if he had a message for Cooper, who last week openly criticized Baldwin on Twitter.... Read More →


nancyPolice arrested HLN host Nancy Grace today for the gruesome 1983 murder of a young college student in Vermont.

Authorities say Grace strangled 22-year-old Josephine Walker, her college roommate at Middlebury College, with a piece of chickenwire following a heated argument.... Read More →


mallatheonionsmallParody newspaper The Onion apologized today after calling 16-year-old human rights activist Malala Yousafzai a "cunt" on its Twitter feed

The Pakistani native was a favorite contender to win a Nobel Prize this year for promoting women's education in Islamic countries. That same work made her a target of the Taliban, which attempted to assassinate her last year with a bullet to the head.... Read More →


Sandusky-Rolling-StoneAs the controversy continues over its decision to put suspected terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover, Rolling Stone magazine announced today the bi-weekly's next cover will feature notorious sex offender Jerry Sandusky.

A leaked version of early August's edition features the smiling face of Sandusky along with the title "The Coach: How A Lovable All-American Grandpa Became A Convicted Child Rapist."

In an exclusive interview, Rolling Stone editor Christian Hoard says the cover is intended to "highlight the rise and fall of a controversial figure" and is not meant to lionize the former Penn State football coach, who was convicted of 45 counts of child abuse last year.... Read More →


tv-station-makes-excruciating-error-reads-4-wrong-names-of-asiana-crash-pilots-including-sum-ting-wong-and-ho-lee-fukThe San Francisco television station that erroneously reported the names of the Asiana Flight 214 pilots found itself in new legal trouble today.

In a lawsuit filed in a California district court, Ho Lee Fuk, a dentist living in Orange County, says his reputation has been besmirched by association with the crash and demands $4 million in compensation.... Read More →


cnnzmCNN announced today that it is creating a reality television series centered around murder suspect George Zimmerman.

In a press release, network president Jeff Zucker said the new show will air on the fall schedule and aims to "bridge the gap" between news and entertainment.... Read More →