Screen-Shot-2013-02-03-at-12.01.45-PMEconomist Paul Krugman was arrested today for urinating on a teddy bear belonging to the 6-year-old daughter of rival economist Kenneth Rogoff.

According to police in Cambridge, Mass., Krugman stole the bear from a window sill at the Rogoff family home and was relieving himself on it when a passing police officer caught him.... Read More →


On May 28th The Daily Currant published an article entitled “Gina Rinehart Calls for the Sterilization of the Poor” which referenced a Youtube video featuring Ms. Rinehart.

Like all articles we publish this article was strictly satirical in nature and not intended to be factual.... Read More →


120224114310-tsr-santorum-wrong-team-00002007-c1-mainFormer Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum caused controversy today by debating a group of Boy Scouts outside a supermarket in Virginia about their policy on gay rights.

In a 20-minute exchange, Santorum and a group of Scouts argued over the organization's decision to allow membership of openly gay boys - an argument Santorum reportedly lost.... Read More →


imagesIf you’re a fan of the 1990s high-school sitcom “Saved by the Bell” and have some extra cash to spare, the crowd-funding site Kickstarter has a new campaign for you.

Dustin Diamond, best known for playing the ultra-nerdy Samuel “Screech” Powers, has launched a campaign to bring a “Saved by the Bell” spin-off back to television by raising $15 million through public donations, following in the steps of successful Kickstarter campaigns by the creator of “Veronica Mars” and of actor Zach Braff.... Read More →


Screen-Shot-2013-04-26-at-09.23.39-598x413The leader of the anti-immigrant U.K. Independence Party was rushed to hospital today in Westerham, Kent, where his life was saved by an immigrant doctor from Pakistan.

According to local reports, Nigel Farage was stricken with a rare and sometimes fatal heart arrhythmia but was spared when the attending physician, Dr. Nusrat Ali Khan, successfully diagnosed and treated his condition with the proper medication.... Read More →


130306_POL_RandPaul.jpg.CROP.article568-largeRepublicans in the Senate today introduced a bill to abolish FEMA, the agency of the federal government which coordinates responses to natural disasters.

The proposed legislation would immediately halt all the agency's work, lay off its employees, and use the money saved to finance a tax credit for oil and gas production in national parks.... Read More →


logoYahoo purchased adult video site xHamster for $400 million today in an effort to extend its brand into youth culture.

The combined cash and stock deal comes just days after it spent $1.1 billion to acquire Tumblr, a social blogging service which is also used mostly for pornography.

In a statement released to the press, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer explained that while the move may be controversial, it offers the best hope of reversing the declining company's fate.... Read More →


tumblr-pollYahoo has begun drug testing Tumblr employees in an effort to reduce operational risk at its newest acquisition.

According to reports, teams of medical personnel arrived at Tumblr's New York headquarters this morning with hundreds of urine cups and orders to test every single employee for banned substances.... Read More →


sylviabrowneCelebrity psychic Sylvia Browne has predicted Mitt Romney will bounce back from his 2012 presidential loss and win in 2016.

Romney will defeat Secretary of State John Kerry, who will become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee after top contender Hillary Clinton retires from politics, Browne said.... Read More →


mark-cuban-what-entrepreneurs-need-to-know-before-starting-a-businessBillionaire Mark Cuban bought this weekend's winning Powerball lottery ticket, and will be awarded $590 million.

According to the Tampa Post, the eccentric owner of the Dallas Mavericks purchased the ticket while in Florida scouting for up and coming basketball talent.... Read More →


ford-crack-051713_lead_media_image_1Toronto mayor Rob Ford has refuted allegations he was caught on tape smoking crack cocaine by claiming he has an identical twin brother.

In an interview this morning with Sun News, the embattled politician affirmed that the video was authentic but insisted that the man doing crack wasn't him.... Read More →


0726-irs-620The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced it will enact a series of reforms in its attempts to stem the controversy that it targeted anti-tax conservative groups for extra scrutiny.

The agency has come under fire after a Treasury Department report found that IRS personnel singled out small Tea Party-aligned conservative groups, as well as a few Democratic-leaning groups, for extra scrutiny when reviewing their applications for tax exemption, delaying their approval for several months.... Read More →