Cliven-Bundy-500x281Embattled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has shocked supporters and opponents again by claiming his “racist” persona is fake and that he’ll pay his overdue fees if the government grants amnesty to Edward Snowden, taxes the rich, legalizes gay marriage, and enacts other liberal measures.

In a lengthy list of demands addressed to President Barack Obama and obtained by MSNBC, the conservative darling claimed he refuses to pay a government that “wages wars for corporate profit while letting 1-percenters get richer as the middle class suffers and the progressive values that made this country great are eroded.”... Read More →


donald-sterlingLA Clippers owner Donald Sterling claimed today that a bad batch of Viagra was responsible for his racist rant against black people.

In an interview this morning with KABC radio, the embattled billionaire sought to defuse the controversy that erupted last Friday when TMZ published a recording of Sterling telling his girlfriend he didn’t want black people at Clippers games.... Read More →


20109176515601.5LA Clippers merchandise is flying off the shelves in Alabama and several other Southern states in the wake of controversial comments by longtime owner Donald Sterling.

TMZ released a video Friday of Sterling, 81, telling his girlfriend not to be seen in public with black people at Clippers games.... Read More →


schroderbigFormer German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has purchased a 1,250-square-meter holiday home in Crimea.

According to a report in the Sevastopol Times, Schroeder bought the beachfront property in Crimea's Yalta district last Tuesday for €1.2 million in an all-cash deal. The posh mansion reportedly has seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool... Read More →


mark-emmert-ncaa-650x409The NCAA decided today that all of its senior executives will go without paychecks for four years in a sign of solidarity with the student-athletes they regulate.

Beginning on the first of next month. 74 existing employees of the Indianapolis-based college athletics organization, including its president Mark Emmert, will be stop being paid and work exclusively on a voluntary basis. Any new employee will have to go four years before being compensated. ... Read More →


Illinois-State-Capitol-SpringfieldThe state of Illinois announced today that it has lost track of $1.7 billion in income tax payments made during this year’s tax season.

In a stunning statement this afternoon on local television, the state’s treasurer said authorities noticed the large sum of money was missing yesterday and fears that it may be gone forever.... Read More →


pongopeteScientists at Harvard University have successfully taught a monkey to understand the theory of evolution.

According to a new paper published today in Nature, a team of primatologists used basic sign language and symbols to teach an orangutan named “Pongo Pete” that humans and other primates shared a common ancestor.... Read More →


paltrowdivorceGwyneth Paltrow announced today she is writing a self-help book for people going through a divorce.

In a blog post on Goop, her personal website, the 41-year-old actress said she has signed a deal with a major publisher to write "Conscious Uncoupling: How to Survive Divorce With Style, Grace and Class,” which will draw from her recent experience separating from longtime partner Chris Martin.... Read More →


NSApulitzerThe National Security Agency has won a prestigious Pulitzer Prize for its domestic surveillance program.

According to prize judges the NSA was recognized because it has “collected more information and broke more news stories than any newspaper, magazine or website in existence.”... Read More →


softballstrightA college softball player from the University of Texas shocked the sports world today by coming out as a heterosexual.

In an emotional press conference this morning, Jennifer Ryan, 23, announced that she was a “proud member” of the opposite-sex community. The senior shortstop is believed to be the first and only openly straight women’s softball player in the history of NCAA athletics.... Read More →


Militia-ManA band of self-described American patriots has taken over the community of Crimea, Louisiana, in order to defend it from Russian invasion.

The eight heavily-armed Americans drove into the community on motorcycles and in trucks around 10:45 a.m. today and declared it occupied by the United States at around 10:52 a.m., according to witnesses.... Read More →


cnn370Malaysian investigators now believe the American news network CNN may have ordered the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 370 in an effort to boost its flagging ratings.

At a press conference today in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that police were looking into the theory that executives at world’s first cable news channel may have somehow influenced someone on board the aircraft during its fateful flight.... Read More →