477484225After years of record-low approval ratings, the U.S. Congress’s overall approval score has has finally inched past that of the deadly Ebola virus.

According to a survey of 5,000 Americans conducted by TDC Polling Research, 12.8 percent approved of the job that Congress is doing, compared to 11.7 percent who said they approved of Ebola.... Read More →


sarah-palin-todayAfter an internet rumor stated that ebola victims in Africa were rising from the grave in the form of zombies, Sarah Palin has launched a campaign questioning President Obama's knowledge on the zombies and what he plans to do about the living dead.

The ebola epidemic that has devastated parts of Africa and has placed virus screening at several U.S. airports has yet to be controlled by local and foreign governments. Over 8,500 people have died from the virus and more people continue to be infected.... Read More →


WhichviolentnflplayerareyouFrom cold-blooded murderers to hot-headed wife beaters, the NFL is full of some of America's most notorious violent sports stars.

If you were a violent NFL star, which one would you be? Take the quiz to find out!
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Capture d’écran 2014-10-15 à 1.21.27 AMJenny McCarthy claimed today that drinking large amounts of lemon juice cures ebola.

In an interview on The Today Show this morning, the former Playboy model and renowned medical expert was asked her opinion of the deadly hemorrhagic fever, which has devastated West Africa and threatens the U.S. and Europe. ... Read More →


track-palinTrack Palin, the son of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has signed a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) contract.

According to a report in Wrestling News, the WWE is hoping to cash in on the youngster’s reputation for brawling, following a well-publicized fight at a house party in September.... Read More →


aquafrackingAs California’s three-year drought continues with no end in sight, water-desperate farmers and agribusinesses in the state are getting creative – by drilling horizontal wells into neighboring Oregon and taking its underground water for themselves.

More than a dozen “aqua-fracking” wells, in which oil-powered machines drill vertically and then horizontally into the earth in order to reach the groundwater, have sprung up along the Oregon border within the past month. The wells go directly under the state border to take Oregon’s water, which is then sent 500 miles south to farms in California’s Central Valley.... Read More →


160810576White Swipe, a new dating app for white supremacists will soon be released.

The app’s creator, Ronald James Hutchinson IV, says his creation will be “like Tinder but for pure white-breads." After a round of successful Beta testing, it is expected to hit app stores next month. ... Read More →


unarmedblackteenAn unarmed black teenager in Arkansas survived a trip to his local grocery store this morning without getting shot by police.

According to a report by WARK news in Fayetteville, 17-year-old Anthony Smith walked two miles to the Marvin’s Food Store in his neighborhood and returned completely unharmed. The extraordinary tale shocked family and friends, and has since captivated the hearts of millions nationwide.... Read More →


vegassportsbettingnflLas Vegas casinos have opened bets on who will be the next National Football League player to be arrested.

According to a report on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” most major sports betting desks in the city have begun taking “sports crime” bets in a move to generate extra revenue and get younger fans involved in betting.... Read More →


iphoneIn wake of reports that users can bend their new iPhone 6 Plus simply by placing it in their pockets, Apple will begin selling the iBend, a $199 device to fix the problem.

According to a report in MacTimes, the rigid metal device fits on each corner of the phone and makes an X shape on the back of the devise in what the company says provides “cross acting support.”... Read More →


holderdimonJust after announcing his resignation as U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder has accepted a top job with Wall Street finance giant JPMorgan Chase.

Starting in early November, Holder will serve as JPMorgan Chase’s chief compliance officer, where his responsibilities will include lobbying Congress on the company’s behalf and ensuring it “gets the best deal possible” from any new proposed financial regulations. Holder will also fetch morning coffee and breakfast orders for CEO Jamie Dimon and board members.... Read More →


bradyhokecontract7The University of Michigan signed football Coach Brady Hoke to a new seven-year contract this morning.

According to local reports, the new deal will take effect at the end of this season, meaning Hoke will coach the Wolverines though the year 2021. In a campus press conference Michigan athletic director David Brandon explained the surprising move.... Read More →