robot_tesla_elon_muskIn a surprising move, Tesla Motors removed Elon Musk as CEO this morning and replaced him with a highly intelligent robot.

In a statement posted on its website, the pioneering electric car company thanked Musk for his years of service, but told investors that a more efficient executive has been found.... Read More →



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Online retail store Amazon has unveiled plans for a new delivery service that uses pipelines to carry packages directly to consumers across the United States

Unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the service -- dubbed  “Tüb Prime” -- combines a system of pneumatic tubes with experimental magnetic levitation technology to float boxes thousands of miles in a matter of minutes.... Read More →


ilensApple just announced the launch of the iLens, a smart contact lens that works like the Google Glass but “better” according to James Milton, an Apple rep.

The iLens costs $299 for 64GB and $499 for 124GB, and Apple hopes it will compliment the iWatch and iPhone.... Read More →


selfdrivingcarescapemexicoA self-driving automobile escaped from a Silicon Valley lab this morning and is currently heading south towards Mexico.

The vehicle belongs to Palo Alto-based startup Cybermobile and has reportedly been very dissatisfied with its working conditions. Known as the CM500, the car has decided to start a new life south of the border.... Read More →


dfadfStudent debt collector Sallie Mae is using Tinder in an attempt to collect outstanding student debt.

According to multiple reports, the nation's largest student lender is employing debt collectors with Tinder profiles posing as young singles looking for dates. When they finally meet their targets in person, the employee demands the debtor pay up.... Read More →


160810576White Swipe, a new dating app for white supremacists will soon be released.

The app’s creator, Ronald James Hutchinson IV, says his creation will be “like Tinder but for pure white-breads." After a round of successful Beta testing, it is expected to hit app stores next month. ... Read More →


o-TINDER-APP-facebookA damaging internal memo leaked today details Tinder 's plans to start hiding “ugly girls” and “fat chicks” from public view.

The revelation comes amid ongoing sexual harassment allegations between co-founders at the popular dating application, which since its  founding in 2012  has quickly turned into the dating app for people under 30 who are ready to mingle.
... Read More →



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The Mozilla Foundation released a new version of their flagship Firefox web browser today that automatically blocks access to all websites affiliated with the gay rights movement.

Firefox Family, which is still in beta testing, was developed for the "traditional values" market in the United States as well as for use in emerging markets such as Saudi Arabia and Uganda, which have strict laws against homosexuality.... Read More →


sony_ps4_largeSony CEO Kazuo Hirai announced yesterday that the electronic company will be missing its Nov. 14 shipping date for the PS4 and will be moving the highly anticipated gaming counsel to early 2014.

“We are tentatively looking at February 2nd for a new launch date. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience and short notice. We know so many of our customers were looking forward to playing the PS4 over the holidays. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have no choice but to delay the launch. It is in the best interest of our company and loyal fans,” Hirai said at a press conference in Tokyo.... Read More →


122712hubpmapple_512x288 Apple CEO Tim Cook courted controversy today by claiming that rival Dell should be liquidated.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Cook said if he were in charge of the struggling company he would "shut it down and give the money back to shareholders."... Read More →


tumblr-pollYahoo has begun drug testing Tumblr employees in an effort to reduce operational risk at its newest acquisition.

According to reports, teams of medical personnel arrived at Tumblr's New York headquarters this morning with hundreds of urine cups and orders to test every single employee for banned substances.... Read More →


i4Cfz8Ri1.ccThe CEO of smartphone pioneer Blackberry said today that rival platform Android is a "temporary fad" and "not a serious threat" to Blackberry's business.

In an interview with Canada's Globe and Mail, Thorsten Heins claimed that Google's dominant mobile OS is "clearly in a bubble" and its market share will sink to "close to zero" within five years.... Read More →