130306_POL_RandPaul.jpg.CROP.article568-largeRepublicans in the Senate today introduced a bill to abolish FEMA, the agency of the federal government which coordinates responses to natural disasters.

The proposed legislation would immediately halt all the agency's work, lay off its employees, and use the money saved to finance a tax credit for oil and gas production in national parks.... Read More →


sylviabrowneCelebrity psychic Sylvia Browne has predicted Mitt Romney will bounce back from his 2012 presidential loss and win in 2016.

Romney will defeat Secretary of State John Kerry, who will become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee after top contender Hillary Clinton retires from politics, Browne said.... Read More →


ford-crack-051713_lead_media_image_1Toronto mayor Rob Ford has refuted allegations he was caught on tape smoking crack cocaine by claiming he has an identical twin brother.

In an interview this morning with Sun News, the embattled politician affirmed that the video was authentic but insisted that the man doing crack wasn't him.... Read More →


ann_coulter_rect-257x171Conservative commentator Ann Coulter walked out of a screening of Star Trek: Into Darkness last night, saying that the science fiction adventure had "too many minorities."

According to witnesses at Regal Cinemas in New York, the controversial author was seen cursing out the screen and exiting about half an hour into the picture.... Read More →


General_Assembly_NCGA.com_senate_chamber_3State legislators in North Carolina proposed a ban on teenagers using condoms, arguing their widespread use encourages "immoral behavior."

The bill, introduced by Republican leaders in the House of Representatives, would make the purchase or use of condoms by anyone under 18 years of age a crime punishable by six months in prison and 90 days of Christian missionary work.... Read More →


bachmann-250x159Congresswoman Michele Bachmann threatened to leave Minnesota today if the state goes ahead with its plans to legalize gay marriage.

In an interview with a local television station, the conservative firebrand said she believes God will destroy Minneapolis once the legislation is enacted, and wants to be far away when the reckoning happens.... Read More →


Screen-Shot-2012-12-14-at-7.22.40-PM-1280x900Outspoken radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has called the Cleveland, Ohio, kidnapping case a “false flag operation” by the U.S. government and New World Order to increase police surveillance and enact gun control.

Jones questioned the official version of the kidnapping and the rescue on his radio show today and suggested it was another covert plot by the U.S. government, echoing similar claims he made about the Boston Marathon bombings.... Read More →


eGhydDRjMTI=_o_chris-brown-angry-at-gma-interviewSinger Chris Brown paid Ariel Castro's bail today, saying the Cleveland kidnapper is a "misunderstood figure" who is being unfairly treated by the criminal justice system.

Castro was arraigned yesterday on charges of kidnapping and rape stemming from his abduction and decade-long captivity of three local women who escaped from his home earlier this week.... Read More →


Chris-Brown-300x223Singer Chris Brown joined the Republican Party today, citing its stances on homosexuality and women's rights as motivation.

In an interview with E! news in New York, the controversial recording artist explained that he's become more politically aware in the past few months and was amazed to discover how much he and Republicans have in common.... Read More →


12410e6a9ce812e0_00395142_p.xxxlarge_1Natural grocer Whole Foods introduced a $35 loaf of bread today.

The 100% Organic Sprouted Grain Kalamata Caciocavallo Pain de Campagne with White Truffle Oil began selling this morning in select locations in New York and Los Angeles, and is believed to be the most expensive loaf of bread ever sold by a mainstream food retailer.... Read More →


i4Cfz8Ri1.ccThe CEO of smartphone pioneer Blackberry said today that rival platform Android is a "temporary fad" and "not a serious threat" to Blackberry's business.

In an interview with Canada's Globe and Mail, Thorsten Heins claimed that Google's dominant mobile OS is "clearly in a bubble" and its market share will sink to "close to zero" within five years.... Read More →


Hugo-ChavezDeceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez voted in last month’s controversial election to replace him, an audit of the results has revealed.

According to reports, the absentee ballot cast before his death was marked for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.... Read More →