Bob-Filner-ApologySan Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is under fire for a sexual harassment scandal, has called on Anthony Weiner to drop out of the New York City mayoral race and attend therapy with him.

Filner told reporters today that he has reached out to Weiner with the invitation to join him at the same behavior counseling clinic where he plans to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to change his behavior, following allegations that he sexually harassed at least seven women. Filner, 70, said he would return from therapy in mid-August as a better mayor and person.... Read More →


120224114310-tsr-santorum-wrong-team-00002007-c1-mainFormer Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum filed for divorce today.

According to papers signed by an Allegheny County judge, the former Republican presidential candidate cited irreconcilable differences with his wife of 23 years.... Read More →


Shirltess.GeraldoFollowing the negative response to a racy photo of Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera, women's pornographic magazine Playgirl has canceled an upcoming issue that would have prominently featured him in the nude.

The 70-year-old Rivera surprised (and shocked) his Twitter followers early Sunday after he tweeted a shirtless picture of himself in a bathroom, wearing nothing but rose-shaded glasses and covered by a carefully placed towel.... Read More →


bynes-mug-shotAmanda Bynes took to Twitter today to insult her latest celebrity target - the royal baby.

In a series of rapid-fire tweets the troubled former child star unloaded on the 2-day-old child, who is third in line for the British crown.

"Why is everyone talking about this #royalbaby?" her rant began, "it looks like a rat crossed with the fugliest human alive."... Read More →


Goldman_Sachs-baby-foodFederal authorities announced today they are investigating Goldman Sachs for attempting to corner the baby food market.

According to a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Goldman has been using shell companies to buy bulk shipments of baby food and keep it in warehouses until scarcity forces prices to rise. The Wall Street investment bank then sells back the baby food to retailers at a substantial profit.... Read More →


Sandusky-Rolling-StoneAs the controversy continues over its decision to put suspected terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover, Rolling Stone magazine announced today the bi-weekly's next cover will feature notorious sex offender Jerry Sandusky.

A leaked version of early August's edition features the smiling face of Sandusky along with the title "The Coach: How A Lovable All-American Grandpa Became A Convicted Child Rapist."

In an exclusive interview, Rolling Stone editor Christian Hoard says the cover is intended to "highlight the rise and fall of a controversial figure" and is not meant to lionize the former Penn State football coach, who was convicted of 45 counts of child abuse last year.... Read More →


imagesThe National Rifle Association announced it is offering membership discounts to young black men and women who join the organization.

In a statement, the gun-rights group highlighted last year's fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin and the number of deaths of unarmed black men as evidence that African-Americans need to join them in supporting gun rights and self-defense laws across the country.... Read More →


Coulter-CarConservative commentator Ann Coulter was arrested by police in Palm Beach, Florida last night after shooting a black cat while on neighborhood watch.

According to local news reports, Coulter thought the feline fit the "profile" of a burglar, and fired a shot in its direction. The bullet grazed the feline's left paw and left superficial damage. It is expected to make a full recovery.... Read More →


sharknadoAs of last week, most Americans may associate the word "Sharknado" with a silly, so-bad-it's-good television movie.

Not so fast, say scientists who warn that real-life "sharknadoes" as depicted in the movie have already been reported – a few times, in fact.... Read More →


tv-station-makes-excruciating-error-reads-4-wrong-names-of-asiana-crash-pilots-including-sum-ting-wong-and-ho-lee-fukThe San Francisco television station that erroneously reported the names of the Asiana Flight 214 pilots found itself in new legal trouble today.

In a lawsuit filed in a California district court, Ho Lee Fuk, a dentist living in Orange County, says his reputation has been besmirched by association with the crash and demands $4 million in compensation.... Read More →


cnnzmCNN announced today that it is creating a reality television series centered around murder suspect George Zimmerman.

In a press release, network president Jeff Zucker said the new show will air on the fall schedule and aims to "bridge the gap" between news and entertainment.... Read More →


Republican Candidates Participate In Debate At Reagan LibraryTexas Governor Rick Perry issued an executive order today requiring anyone attending tonight's H-E-B Austin Symphony July 4th Concert & Fireworks to sign an affidavit claiming abortion is murder.

In a statement released to local media. Perry said the emergency measure was necessary to ensure no state money was spent "entertaining abortionists and other extreme elements."... Read More →