The MasterAs viewers of the 85th Academy Awards on Sunday night are no doubt arguing and concurring over the winners and losers of the night, at least one worldwide organization is basking in the Oscar snubs of one movie.

The Church of Scientology, which counts many Hollywood celebrities in its membership, praised the Academy Awards for not awarding top acting awards to “The Master,” which was nominated in three categories.... Read More →


Jamie_Dimon,_CEO_of_JPMorgan_ChaseJamie Dimon, often cited at the most responsible head of a Wall Street investment bank, reigned as Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase today.

In a blistering letter published this morning in Britian's Financial NewsDimon says he is tired of working in the "bankrupt moral culture" of finance and called for a criminal investigation into wrongdoing at JP Morgan and other major investment banks. ... Read More →


the-marble-cathedral-of-general-carrera-lake-L-7qhVulResearchers from Stanford University today announced the discovery of a cave in South America full of colorless green ideas.

An entire colony of colorless green ideas, or CGIDs as scientists have dubbed them, was found sleeping furiously in the vicinity of Lake General Carrera in the Patagonian south of Chile. ... Read More →


Alexander-LukashenkoBelarus President Alexander Lukashenko was nearly mauled to death by a pack of wild wolves on Sunday after a failed attempt to show off his strength and bravery, state media and witnesses said.

The longtime president of the Eastern European country was rushed to a hospital in the capital Minsk, where he remains in serious condition, according to state media.... Read More →


cruz2Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz made the stunning accusation today that an email record shows Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel openly discussing meeting a known Al-Qaeda operative.

Cruz was forced to retract the allegations, however, when it emerged that the "terrorist" in the emails is actually a fictional character in Showtime's award-winning drama Homeland.... Read More →


120312_han_palin1_640Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has joined Harvard University as a visiting scholar.

According to an official press release, the conservative pundit and reality television star will teach four courses over three years at Harvard's prestigious Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Mass., beginning in fall 2013.... Read More →


4532823345_f990e72788_zSenators John McCain and Lindsey Graham were spotted sharing a room together at a Washington D.C. area motel last night.

The Valentine's Day tryst reportedly occurred just hours after the suspiciously friendly duo successfully blocked a vote to confirm former colleague Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. ... Read More →


rubio-waterFlorida Senator Marco Rubio may have a problem with excessive thirst, but his sense of humor sure seems healthy.

Following up on last night's awkward water grab during his State of the Union response speech, the rising Republican star jokingly introduced legislation on the Senate floor today that creates a federal "dehydration awareness" agency.... Read More → member of U.S. Congress from the state of Texas shouted the phrase "Go back to Kenya" during President Obama's State of the Union address tonight.

GOP Rep. Randy Neugebauer made the outburst about 10 minutes into the President's speech, shocking those within earshot.... Read More →


sotu_slide_speakingA leaked copy of of President Obama's State of the Union address has revealed plans to declare the United States a socialist nation allied with Fidel Castro's Cuba.

The top-secret document outlines Obama's four-year plan to radically transform the country into a 'post-capitalist superpower' guided by the principles of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, and Hugo Chavez. ... Read More →


police-shootingThree members of a jazz band were shot by Los Angeles police Monday afternoon in relation to a massive hunt for an avenging ex-cop, police and witnesses said.

Police were reportedly acting on a tip in their search for Christopher Jordan Dorner when they stopped a van at an Arco station on La Cienega Boulevard near Interstate 405.The van was carrying three members of a Dave Brubeck tribute band and their manager.... Read More →


jerry-sandusky-mug-shot-bda6f6c276b71bf7The Catholic Church is considering tapping convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky as its next pope, The Daily Currant can reveal.

According to sources inside the Vatican, the Church believes the unorthodox move would aggressively rebut the "political correctness" of "secular elites" who in recent years have dared to challenge the institution's rich tradition of systematically protecting child predators from justice.... Read More →