About Us

Daily Currant is here to shed light on the real stories behind crime stats and the latest global news. We’re all about clear, fact-based reporting to help you understand the numbers and how they affect communities. Our aim? To give you the lowdown on crime, keep you in the know, and help you make sense of it all with trustworthy info.

Our Story

Daily Currant started because some smart people – analysts, writers, and people who care about their community – saw that there wasn’t enough good, clear info out there about crime and what’s really going on. They wanted to dig deeper, find the truth, and stand up for what’s right. So they created Daily Currant to give you the full picture of crime rates, spotlight the stories that don’t get told, and kick-start conversations that matter.

Meet Our Team

Edgar Thorndsen

Edgar Thorndsen - About Us

Role: Researcher and Freelance Journalist

Edgar Thorndsen, based in Arkansas City, is a seasoned journalist specializing in criminal justice reporting. With a keen investigative eye and a talent for storytelling, Edgar has been contributing to the Daily Currant since May 2023. His work sheds light on critical societal issues related to crime rates and criminal activities across the United States.

Xander Nowak

Xander Nowak - About us

Role: Former Private Investigator turned Freelance Journalist

Xander Nowak brings two decades of experience as a private investigator to his new role as a freelance journalist. Having collaborated with various websites and small-town newspapers, Xander’s unique perspective adds depth to his reporting. His transition from PI work to journalism reflects his commitment to uncovering compelling stories.

Shawn Monroe

Shawn Monroe - About us

Role: Independent Crime Journalist

Shawn Monroe’s passion lies in crime journalism. Over the years, he has written extensively for different media outlets, focusing on complex crime cases across the US. When he’s not immersed in research, Shawn indulges in crime TV shows and series. His favorite? The iconic “Breaking Bad.” Inspired by legendary figures like Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Allan Pinkerton, and James McParland, Shawn’s work is more than a profession—it’s a calling.

Our Expertise

Daily Currant is all about getting to the heart of crime and statistics with a no-nonsense attitude. Our crew is a mix of number crunchers, mind readers, and truth diggers. We stick to the facts, double-check everything, and tap into a wide circle of pros and local heroes to bring you insights that are spot-on and unique.

Our Values and Mission

Daily Currant is all about honesty, clarity, and doing the right thing. We’re here to break down crime stats and news so everyone can get it. Our goal is to spark smarter talks about safety and crime. We trust in the might of facts to make a difference, and we promise to tell it like it is, with heart and understanding.

So Stay With Us

Pick Daily Currant for top-notch crime stats and stories. We mix expert know-how, solid data, and engaging tales to stand out. If you’re curious about crime trends or want deep dives into crime news, count on us to keep you informed and intrigued.

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