16 Mysterious Crimes That Left Investigators Puzzled

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These unusual and suspicious deaths continue to puzzle both police and amateur sleuths. Today, we’re listing bizarre deaths that remain infamous due to their mysterious circumstances. Our list includes Natalee Holloway, Brian Shaffer, Rebeca Coriam, and others. 16. Tara Calico Tara Calico borrowed her mother’s pink bike for a ride on September 20, 1988, in … Read more

10 Most Dangerous US States 2024 – Risk Zones Revealed

Dangerous US States - forensics on crime scene

My private multi-year research says that (and also according to the Global Peace Index) the United States is the 128th-safest country in the world out of 163 countries.1 With frequent headlines of hate crimes, mass shootings, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks, the United States can be potentially dangerous for citizens and visitors.2 I gave each … Read more

How to Use Video Evidence in Criminal Cases? Here are the best tools

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Some video evidence in criminal cases is a powerful tool. Its a tool that can help to establish important facts, provide context, and corroborate witness testimony. But how hard can it be to present video evidence in court? Something you’re going to have to get used to if it in any way aligns with your … Read more