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Only City Where Crime Rate Increases in 2024 – LA

In the first few months of 2024, LA saw a big increase in crimes – especially murders. Compared to the same time in 2023, killings went up by about 30%! This is a really big deal since most other cities in the US were seeing fewer violent crimes.

The LAPD (that’s the LA Police Department) said that by mid-March, there were 81 murders in LA. That’s 7 more than the 74 murders in LA during the same time the year before.

This makes LA different from other big California cities. Places like San Francisco, San Diego, and Oakland all had much fewer cases. Their rates went down 31%, 47%, and 17% respectively. So while other places are doing better, LA is going the other strange way.

Experts have some ideas for why this is happening. Changes to how the police work, more people struggling financially, and ups and downs in gang activity are factors often talked about. Also, LAPD Chief Dominic Choi pointed out that while murders went up at first, the increase slowed to about 9.5% by mid-March. So the numbers were fluctuating some.

People in LA communities reacted in different ways. Many felt less safe and leaders wanted more focus on programs to stop crimes before they happen or intervene after to prevent more. In response, the LAPD increased patrols, especially in Central and South LA neighborhoods that see higher crime rates and most of the killings.

LA vs. Other Major Cities

While Los Angeles observed an increase in its homicide rate by about 9.5% in the early months of the year, other large cities across California and the nation reported significant declines.

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San Francisco saw a substantial reduction in its murder rate, dropping by 31% from the previous year. This decline is part of a broader trend of decreasing violent crime in the city, attributed to enhanced community policing and various public safety initiatives.

San Diego experienced an even more dramatic decrease, with its homicide rate falling by 47%. Analysts credit a combination of robust law enforcement strategies, including high-tech surveillance and data-driven policing, coupled with strong community engagement programs.

Oakland, traditionally known for its high crime rates, also reported positive changes, with a 17% decrease in homicides. This improvement follows years of community-led violence reduction programs and a concerted effort by local government to address systemic issues contributing to crime.


On a national level, according to the FBI’s 2022 report, there was a general decline in violent crimes across the United States. The FBI data shows that murder and non-negligent manslaughter saw an estimated nationwide decrease of 6.1% compared to the previous year.

Demographic Details of Recent Homicide Victims

Most of the murder victims in LA in early 2024 were young men between 19-29 years old. They were mainly located in Central and South LA neighborhoods. Knowing who these victims are helps us understand why the crime rate is rising.

Guns were used in these crimes more than anything else. So gun violence is clearly a big problem in these communities.

The victims in LA are different than the national average. Across the US, murders went down 6.1% overall. And the victims were more spread out in age and location. This makes it seem like other cities are having more success stopping crimes that affect everyone.

In LA, issues facing specific neighborhoods play a role. Things like financial struggles, gangs, and not enough help from social services impact young minority men the most. These kinds of problems often happen together in urban areas.

To fix this, LA is boosting community policing and youth programs. But we’ll have to wait and see if these solutions work on a wider scale long term.

Hotspots for Crime in LA

Crime in LA

There are some areas that police have noticed tend to see higher crime rates more often. Two places really stood out as hotspots for violent offenses like murders.

Downtown LA is one. On top of killings, this part of the city also deals with a lot of property crimes like theft. To improve safety, police increased patrols and community programs there.

The other big hotspot is South LA. Violent crimes surged in this area too. The LAPD has launched several efforts focused there, like community policing, youth activities, and targeting gangs. Poverty and lack of opportunities for many people also contribute to South LA’s ongoing crime problems.

Local Government Initiatives

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LA has started several programs to reduce violence and keep people safer, especially in Downtown and South LA where crime is highest.

Retail Crime Task Force – Formed after a bunch of “flash mob” store robberies, this task force has helped cut those crimes by 33%! They’ve made over 100 arrests and found over $150,000 worth of stolen goods.

Community Policing and Help Programs – The LAPD is working closer with neighborhoods. These efforts aim to prevent crime by addressing what’s causing it with community support.

More Gun Seizures – In 2023, police took 8,154 firearms off the streets. This included “ghost guns” without registration that are often used in violence. Controlling guns is key.

The LAPD and Mayor are leading efforts like special crime units and neighborhood programs, which is good. But high rates in areas like Downtown and South LA show this is complicated. Issues like financial struggles, gangs, and easy access to guns play a big role.

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