Unprecedented Support for California Crime Reform from DAs and Businesses

A new ballot measure in California, aimed at amending the 2014 Proposition 47 which reduced penalties for certain theft and drug possession offenses, has qualified for the November ballot after receiving an unprecedented number of signatures. Proposition 47, which was originally enacted to decrease the number of incarcerations, downgraded numerous felonies including retail theft and … Read more

Breaking: Four Officers Dead, Suspect Killed in Charlotte Shootout During Warrant Service

Shootout in Charlotte Warrant Service

In a tragic event in Charlotte, North Carolina, four law enforcement officers were fatally shot and four others wounded while executing a fugitive arrest warrant at a residential location. The armed fugitive engaged the officers in a shootout and was killed during the confrontation, as reported by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD). Following the shootout, … Read more