Colorado Aims to Shield Whistleblowers Reporting Police Misconduct

colorado whistleblowers

In Edgewater, Colorado, lawmakers are gearing up for a crucial hearing on a bill designed to safeguard whistleblowers who expose police misconduct. Advocates argue that House Bill 24-1460 is overdue and essential for purging rogue cops from Colorado’s law enforcement agencies. However, facing opposition from law enforcement groups who deem it irresponsible and superfluous, the … Read more

Unprecedented Support for California Crime Reform from DAs and Businesses

A new ballot measure in California, aimed at amending the 2014 Proposition 47 which reduced penalties for certain theft and drug possession offenses, has qualified for the November ballot after receiving an unprecedented number of signatures. Proposition 47, which was originally enacted to decrease the number of incarcerations, downgraded numerous felonies including retail theft and … Read more

Shooting Injures at Least 7 Minors in Downtown Indianapolis

indianapolis shooting

INDIANAPOLIS – Late Saturday night in downtown Indianapolis, near the Circle Centre Mall, a shocking incident unfolded as seven minors, aged between 12 and 17, were injured in a shooting amidst a large gathering. The incident occurred shortly after 11:30 p.m., catching the attention of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers on patrol. Deputy Chief Tanya … Read more

Chicago Weekend of Horror – 34 Victims, 8 Deaths in Memorial Day Violence

Chicago weekend horror

Chicago – Chicago has borne the brunt of 34 separate shooting incidents over the Memorial Day weekend thus far, eight of which have tragically resulted in fatalities, as per the Chicago Police Department. As of Sunday, a number of those wounded are grappling with severe injuries in various city hospitals. The extent of the violence … Read more

Florida Beach Turns Violent: 9 People Wounded in Memorial Day Shooting Frenzy

police car - shooting on memorial day - Florida

Florida – In the final hours of Memorial Day weekend, the atmosphere quickly turned from celebration to horror for hundreds of beachgoers on Hollywood Beach in South Florida. An altercation between two groups escalated into a devastating incident, leaving nine people, including innocent bystanders, shot on the boardwalk. Dramatic footage captured by a 24/7 boardwalk … Read more