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Shooting Injures at Least 7 Minors in Downtown Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS – Late Saturday night in downtown Indianapolis, near the Circle Centre Mall, a shocking incident unfolded as seven minors, aged between 12 and 17, were injured in a shooting amidst a large gathering.

The incident occurred shortly after 11:30 p.m., catching the attention of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers on patrol.

Deputy Chief Tanya Terry highlighted the immediate response of the officers who found six of the victims at the scene amidst a sizable group of juveniles.

Ongoing Investigation and Community Concerns

As of early Sunday, no suspects had been detained, with investigators actively seeking leads.

Terry shared concerns about a recurring pattern of young people congregating downtown, especially after mall hours, and stressed the need for parental involvement in monitoring their children’s whereabouts, particularly late at night and on holidays like Easter Sunday.

In light of the recent violence, the police had already bolstered their presence downtown, with over 25 officers on duty to deter such incidents.

The circumstances leading to the shooting remain unclear, though evidence suggests multiple firearms were involved.

All victims were reported to be in stable condition, with one initially critical victim also stabilizing.

This event is part of a troubling trend of gun violence affecting the city’s youth, as noted by Terry, who called for an end to the use of firearms to resolve conflicts.

This shooting adds to a series of violent incidents in Indianapolis during March, underscoring a pressing concern for community safety and youth welfare.


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