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Texas Woman Sentenced to 50 Years for Child Murder: Boyfriends 4-year Old Kid Dead

A Woman in Texas Receives a 50-Year Sentence for the Death of Her Boyfriend’s 4-Year-Old Daughter

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office announced that Shawna Hooey, a 33-year-old woman from Tomball, Texas, was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the 2019 murder of her boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter. District Attorney Kim Ogg shared this information in a press statement.

Shawna Hooey was responsible for her five children and Jakyzia Alexander, the 4-year-old, on September 7, 2019, when she brought the girl to a 24-hour emergency clinic. At the clinic, medical staff noted Alexander’s body was cold, and Hooey offered multiple conflicting accounts about the child’s condition, who had a noticeable black eye and additional injuries.

Protecting Our Vulnerable Children

Shawna Hoey get 50 years in prison for killing of 4yo girl

District Attorney Ogg emphasized the community’s role in safeguarding children from violent adults and expressed gratitude to the jury for identifying a history of abuse, leading to Hooey’s significant prison sentence.

Jakyzia Alexander moved into Hooey’s home under her father’s arrangement, who had full custody but lived elsewhere due to his nighttime job, resulting in him only interacting with his daughter via video calls in the two months leading to her demise.

Hooey claimed she attempted unconventional methods to address Alexander’s abnormal breathing and unresponsiveness on the day she died, including driving her in a hot car. Hooey also changed her story about the events leading to Alexander’s death, suggesting accidents in the home were to blame. However, an autopsy and further investigation revealed evidence of sustained abuse and determined blunt force trauma to the head as the cause of death, contradicting Hooey’s claims that Alexander was behaving normally.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office charged Hooey with murder after their investigation, leading to a nine-day trial where a jury found her guilty.

Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Sawtelle highlighted the importance of recognizing and reporting child abuse. He pointed out that intervention could have saved Alexander, who was dressed in long sleeves during summer to conceal her injuries.

Hooey is required to serve at least 25 years of her sentence before she can be considered for parole.


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