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Alaska Tragedy Strikes: 3 Dead and 2 Missing in Nightmare Family Fishing Trip

JUNEAU, Alaska — A dream Alaskan fishing trip turned into a horrific nightmare for a family of eight when calamity befell one of their two chartered boats over the Memorial Day weekend. The tragedy claimed three lives and two are yet to be found despite an extensive search across the vast oceanic expanse.

The Tyau family has been devastated by a tragic event: two sisters, along with one of their husbands, have died, while another sister’s husband and the boat captain remain missing in southeast Alaska. This tragedy unfolded four days after their boat was found partly submerged near an island.

After an extensive search covering over 825 square miles (approximately 2,100 square kilometers) for more than 20 hours, the search efforts were called off on Monday, with no plans to continue in the immediate future.

Other family members, including the parents of the sisters, their elder brother, and his wife, were on a second charter boat. They were enjoying a three-day fishing excursion to a spot celebrated for its king salmon and groundfish.

US Alaska Fishing Trip Family Tragedy

Despite not being keen on fishing, the sisters and their sister-in-law joined the trip to spend more quality time with their family, usually dispersed between Hawaii and Los Angeles.

[su_note note_color=”#ededed”]“Our family was finally reuniting after a long time. It was meant to be a simple reunion of eight, but it ended in devastation,” lamented Michael Tyau, the elder brother, in a conversation with The Associated Press.[/su_note]

The Tyau siblings, Michael, Brandi, and Danielle, grew up with a passion for fishing, a pastime deeply cherished by their parents in Hawaii. Despite not favoring the chilly and wet weather, the sisters embarked on aquatic adventures to please their water-enthusiast parents and their own partners later on.

Brandi Tyau’s companion, Robert Solis, was particularly drawn to the sea, having served as a Navy diver and later working as a private investigator, his brother noted.

Therefore, when planning a family getaway last year, they unanimously decided on a fishing trip in Sitka Sound, even though the sisters were initially reluctant.

The trip included Michael Tyau and his wife, as well as Brandi Tyau, 56, and Solis, 61, who traveled from Los Angeles to Alaska. There, they joined Danielle Agcaoili, 53, her husband Maury Agcaoili, 57, and other family members, all hailing from Hawaii.

Their accommodation was at Kingfisher Charters in Sitka, a charming harbor town surrounded by the scenic backdrop of a volcanic mountain on the coast of Baranof Island, part of the picturesque southeast Alaska archipelago.

Kingfisher Charters in Sitka

The area, known for being a top-tier fishing destination, attracts tourists because the numerous bays and straits offered by the islands provide a natural shield against windy conditions and high waves when the open sea becomes too tempestuous.

On their fishing expedition last Friday, the Tyau family encountered rough seas while aboard their chartered vessels, the Pockets and the Awakin, leading to seasickness among the women. They chose to rest ashore on Saturday but bravely returned to sea on Sunday, their vacation’s last day, before planning to fly home on Monday.

Despite their unease, the family split between the boats, each heading to different fishing locations, with both skippers assuring the trip’s safety. However, the Awakin, carrying Brandi Tyau, Danielle Agcaoili, Maury Agcaoili, and Solis, failed to return in the evening, causing alarm among their relatives at the lodge.

What happened to the Awakin remains unclear. Efforts to retrieve the 30-foot (9-meter) aluminum boat have been hampered by adverse weather conditions.

The search led to the discovery of Brandi Tyau and Danielle Agcaoili’s bodies inside the cabin, and Maury Agcaoili’s body near the vessel. Solis and the captain, Morgan Robidou, are still missing.

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The Coast Guard is conducting an investigation to ascertain the incident’s timeline and cause. The area had waves ranging from 6-foot to 11-foot (1.8- to 3.35-meter), a Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed.

Kingfisher Charters expressed their devastation over the loss in a statement and pledged their full cooperation with the investigation.

This tragic incident has left an indelible mark on the Tyau family, robbing them of Brandi Tyau, the peacekeeper, and Danielle Agcaoili, often referred to as “Dani,” the cheerful soul.

Brandi Tyau and Solis are survived by their son and Solis’ three sons from a prior relationship. The Agcaoilis leave behind two children, with one just graduating from high school.

The family vacation was meant to bridge the geographical distance between their residences in Hawaii and Los Angeles. “I think it’s been over a decade since all eight of us were together,” said a devastated Michael Tyau.

Now, the family reunion stands at just four.

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