Youth Crime Rates Climb for the First Time in Over Ten Years

youth crime rates

The latest youth crime data indicates that the number of juvenile offenders is rising for the first time in over a decade, amid growing ideological debates on how to address youth criminal behavior. While the number of children and teenagers committing crimes had been steadily decreasing, the rate increased by 6 percent in the last … Read more

16 Mysterious Crimes That Left Investigators Puzzled

unsolved crimes

These unusual and suspicious deaths continue to puzzle both police and amateur sleuths. Today, we’re listing bizarre deaths that remain infamous due to their mysterious circumstances. Our list includes Natalee Holloway, Brian Shaffer, Rebeca Coriam, and others. 16. Tara Calico Tara Calico borrowed her mother’s pink bike for a ride on September 20, 1988, in … Read more